Replacing LED TV inverter

Replacing LED TV inverter

The inverter current converter in any LED TV performs several important functions. It is he who is responsible for the stable functioning of the backlight, protects the device from short circuits, and prevents serious overloads. Its design uses one or two modules, which are either installed separately or combined with a power supply.

Replacement of the LED TV inverter, which is produced by our service center, may be required if the following symptoms of a malfunction are detected:

  1. The device does not turn on at all
  2. The device starts up, but the screen is not visible or is too dim

These signs indicate that the inverter converter is not doing its job, and the voltage supply to the lamps or LEDs is not correct.

How to order a replacement LED TV inverter?

Cooperation with our SC includes several stages:

  1. You call the manager, tell him the brand and model of the device, tell him about the problem
  2. A master or a courier leaves at the specified address to deliver the equipment to the workshop
  3. Diagnostics of tv is carried out, which allows you to detect the causes of breakdown. It includes measuring all the parameters of the converter using a multi meter, as well as a visual inspection of the board, capacitors and other elements.
  4. The price for the necessary work is calculated and agreed with the client

Immediately after that, we select a new original part and install it. Then the television receiver is assembled and the functioning of all systems is checked.

You pay only for the work actually done

Contacting our service gives you the opportunity to repair the device at minimal cost. The thing is that we provide free services such as a technician’s home visit, courier delivery of the device to the service center, and troubleshooting.

The prices for replacing the inverter depend on the nature of the detected failure, as well as on the cost of the part, which may vary depending on the make and model of the receiver.

Our technician repair not only LED TVs but also monitors, in the backlight system of which inverters are also used. If you find a problem with the image on the display, immediately contact the company manager.

  1. Troubleshooting using a digital multi meter. It allows you to exclude faults of capacitors, which are responsible for supplying voltage to the lamps, to find out the exact reasons for the repair
  2. Dismantling the receiver. First, the back cover is removed and all modules located under it are unscrewed, and then the matrix, scattering plates and substrate are dismantled
  3. Replacement of led strips or individual light sources
  4. Accurate assembly and testing of the device