Repair of shock absorbers of the Ardo washing machine

Repair of shock absorbers of the Ardo washing machine

Any washing machine has a shock absorption system. The elements are necessary to dampen the centrifugal force that occurs when the drum rotates at high speed. The racks ensure the immobility of the body and reduce the intensity of vibrations.

If the home assistant begins to “jump” during the spin cycle, the shock absorbers of the Ardo washing machine probably need to be repaired. You can repair dampers yourself without calling a technician. Let's figure out how to test the SMA shock absorption system and how to fix the breakdown.

What details will you have to deal with?

Modern cars can be equipped with standard shock absorbers or dampers. The elements are fundamentally different in their design. What is the difference?

The shock absorber, in a classic design, has a simple design. This is a cylinder, inside of which there is a piston, a gasket, a spring and a rod. There are no springs in the damper - they are brought out and attached to the tank.

Ardo automatic machines have two shock-absorbing elements. They are located under the tank. Dampers dampen vibrations better. In addition, since the springs are separate, it is easier to replace them if they break.

We make sure that the damper is out of order

A simple test will help you check the operation of your washing machine dampers. No special diagnostic devices are required. It will be enough:

  • Remove the top panel of the SMA Ardo case (to do this you will need to unscrew the bolts holding the cover),
  • Press on the tank so that it drops 3-5 cm,
  • Stop pressing abruptly, remove your hands,
  • Observe the behavior of the plastic container.

Ideally, the tank should rise sharply and freeze in place. This will indicate that the depreciation system is working one hundred percent. If the tank still swings up and down for some time, then the dampers are not doing their job and will need to be repaired or replaced.

The following signs indicate the failure of the dampers:

  • The washing machine is noisy during operation, and the knocking and grinding intensifies when the drum rotates at high speeds,
  • The machine vibrates very strongly and jumps,
  • Drum rotation is difficult (this happens when lubricant leaks from the shock absorber).

What exactly can happen to shock-absorbing elements? Usually one of the following problems occurs:

mechanical defects resulting from manufacturing defects or careless operation of the machine (for example, when transporting the machine).

Having found out that the shock absorption system of the Ardo washing machine is not functioning correctly, you should begin repairs as soon as possible. You cannot operate the machine with damaged dampers - the situation may worsen. We'll tell you how to get to the SMA counters.

We remove the old one, install the new one

It is quite easy to remove the shock-absorbing elements from the washing machine body. To get to the dampers, you need to remove the top and back panels of the Ardo automatic machine. Only on some models will it be necessary to remove the front wall. Let's look at the example of the most difficult case, when dismantling the front part of the MCA is required.

The algorithm for dismantling shock absorbers will be as follows:

  • Remove the top panel of the SMA housing,
  • Unscrew the screws around the perimeter and remove the back wall of the washing machine,
  • Remove the powder receptacle from the machine,
  • Remove the lower false panel covering the garbage filter,
  • Wear of the rubber gasket of the shock absorber (in most cases it is enough to simply install a new liner),
  • Damage or loosening of the bolts securing the dampers,
  • Unscrew the bolts securing the control panel. Carefully place the “tidy” on the machine so as not to disconnect the wires,
  • Remove the outer collar of the hatch cuff, then insert the rubber seal into the drum,
  • Remove the screws holding the front wall of the SMA housing,
  • Unhook the wires from the UBL,
  • Remove the front panel of the washing machine,
  • Look for shock absorbers or dampers - they are located under the tank,
  • Unscrew the bolts that secure the shock-absorbing elements,
  • Having dealt with the latch, remove the dampers.

Inspect each rack. It may be enough to install a new liner or spring. If not, replace the entire elements. Ardo washing machine dampers must be replaced in pairs, even if only one damper is broken.

Restoring a broken damper

The operating principle of Ardo washing machine dampers is quite simple. The rod “walks” inside the plastic shell, and the gasket “compresses” the metal rod, thereby creating resistance. Thanks to this, vibrations that occur when the drum rotates are dampened.

Over time, the elastic band that is supposed to compress the rod crumbles and loses its properties. The metal rod “walks” freely along the cylinder, without any resistance. As a result, there is nothing to dampen vibrations; the machine begins to jump and make noise during operation.

In such a situation, it is enough to simply restore the dampers. All you need to do is change the rubber liner. You can make a gasket yourself, for example, by cutting it from a leather belt or other suitable product.

To remove a worn gasket:

  • Use tweezers to pry up the white plastic ring that secures the insert;
  • Pull out the rubber band,

Next, you need to cut new inserts of the required size from the leather belt. It is likely that the rubber bands in the damper will crumble during dismantling. This is not scary - the gaskets are made “by eye”.

After cutting out two leather strips, place them in the dampers and secure them with plastic rings. Next, insert the rod into the cylinder - it should “walk” inside with great effort. The gasket will begin to create tension. That's all - the shock absorbers can be considered restored. Next, all that remains is to install the racks in the SMA and assemble the washing machine body.