Removing the top cover of the Atlant washing machine

Removing the top cover of the Atlant washing machine

In 90% of cases, during repairs and diagnostics you will have to remove the top cover of the Atlant washing machine. Firstly, several important parts of the washing machine are located under it. Secondly, this measure is simply necessary for the free dismantling of the front wall and control panel.

Removing the top of the SMA housing is very simple. To do this, you only need a screwdriver. The work itself will take no more than five minutes. Let's figure out how to dismantle the cover of an automatic Atlant machine.

You will have to remove the machine from the niche

First you need to prepare the Atlant washing machine for the upcoming disassembly. It is necessary to provide free access to the back of the case - this is where the bolts that secure the top cover of the washing machine are located. Therefore, the device is moved away from the wall or pulled out of the niche.

If the Atlant washing machine is stationary, there will be no problems moving it away from the wall. Unplug the washer and carefully move it to gain access to the back of the case. After this, you can begin to remove the clamps.

It will be a little more difficult if the Atlant washing machine is built into a kitchen unit or niche. In such a situation, you will first need to disconnect the drain and inlet hoses from the AGR body. Only then can the device be taken out. Algorithm of actions:

  • Unplug the CMA power cord from the outlet,
  • Turn off the shut-off valve responsible for supplying water to the machine,
  • Unhook the inlet hose from the body,
  • Loosen the clamp and disconnect the drain hose from the sewer pipe or siphon.

Pull the washing machine out of the niche slowly so as not to damage the washing machine itself, the furniture set, or the floor. It is also recommended to lay the floor covering in the place where the SMA is placed. Dry cloths will absorb any water that may leak from the appliance.

Removing the cover with your own hands

It is not difficult to dismantle the top cover of the Atlant washing machine. It is much more problematic to gain access to the back of the device - this is usually where most of the time is spent. The removal itself takes a couple of minutes.

The screwdriver must be the appropriate size. Further algorithm of actions:

  • Find the bolts holding the top panel of the SMA housing,
  • Unscrew the fasteners one by one and move them to the side. Sometimes there are small washers under the bolts - do not lose the elements,
  • Carefully slide the washer cover back and lift it up.

You can’t just unscrew the bolts and forcefully pull the cover up - nothing good will come of that. Be sure to first move the panel back, and only then lift it. Then removal will take place safely, without breaking the fasteners.

Sometimes the lid doesn't want to budge. This happens when the panel “sticks” to the fasteners. This can also be dealt with:

  • Look at the machine from above, visually divide the lid of the washer in half (an imaginary line should go across the body),
  • Gently tap the top panel of the MCA, first in the middle, then on the right side, then on the left,
  • Try to “stir” the upper wall of the Atlant washing machine again,
  • If the panel does not work, repeat the steps again, applying a little more effort.

Upon completion of the repair or diagnosis, the cover will need to be replaced. The steps are performed in reverse order:

  • Put the top panel in place, with a slight shift back by 5-6 cm,
  • With both hands, start moving the cover forward towards the dashboard,
  • Wait until the top fits into the grooves (a characteristic click will be heard),
  • Push the cover forward a little more until it finally snaps into place,
  • Tighten the previously removed bolts.

Now you need to return the Atlant washing machine to its place - move it to the wall or put it in a niche. Next, the device is connected to the water supply, sewerage and electrical networks. Afterwards, a test wash is started, without laundry in the drum. Make sure the cycle runs smoothly and without leaks. If everything is in order, you can use the “home assistant” as before.