Removing the Electrolux washing machine pulley

Removing the Electrolux washing machine pulley

The pulley is a wheel bolted to a drum bushing and connected to the engine by a drive belt. It's easy to find - just remove the back of the front-loading unit. If, let's say, your goal is to get to the drum bearings, you will definitely need to remove the Electrolux washing machine pulley. We will tell you how to do this and what difficulties may await you.

Is it difficult to remove the pulley?

You are faced with not such a difficult task, provided that everything is in order with the head of the pulley bolt. In this case, you just need to find a key that fits the size, put it on the head and turn it counterclockwise. In order to brake the part, the wheel must be secured with a wooden block.

If moisture gets inside the bushing, there is a risk that the bolt threads will completely rust. Trying to press on the key will not help, but will only aggravate the situation, which will ultimately lead to the head breaking off. This will make removing the pulley much more difficult.

Next, a chisel and a hammer will go into battle. With their help you will make a notch on the cap. The metal can be pierced by only 1-1.5 mm, this is quite enough. Then you should insert the chisel into the hole and, hitting with a hammer, try to unscrew the mechanism counterclockwise.

It doesn’t matter in which direction the element will unwind, the main thing is that the screw moves from its place. If you have a manual grinder, it is better to make the notch using it. The chisel is very destructive, and you don’t need any additional problems.

Even without a bolt, the pulley cannot be pulled off

Sometimes the situation seems completely hopeless. The pulley sticks to the bushing so that a chisel and a hammer do not help. The reason may lie in rust and deformation of the wheel, which arose due to mechanical damage. Due to the fact that there is no retaining element, you will have to work around it.

The first step is to eliminate corrosion and scale. In this matter, our main assistant will be the cleaning agent WD-40. To cope with this problem, you will have to stock up on considerable patience. You will have to do the following:

  • Ask a friend to hold the drum while you unscrew the wheel,
  • Start loosening the pulley, trying to pull the wheel off the tank,
  • At the same time, every 15-20 minutes, treat the joint areas with wd-40 lubricant

If the pulley still won't budge, you'll have to knock it out. It is important here not to use tools that can damage the bushing and aggravate the problem with the shaft. It will be better if you take the handle of a shovel and place the pointed tip in the middle of the wheel. After this, tap the wood firmly and accurately with a hammer. The result may not appear immediately, but with enough diligence the part will pop out sooner or later.

When the repair is complete, don't rush to return the pulley. You still need to prepare a seat for it. Using the familiar WD-40, you will need to clean the threads of the bushing. If you find a damaged bolt, be sure to replace it, otherwise in a couple of years you will once again have to deal with this whole difficult process.