Removing the Candy washing machine pulley

Removing the Candy washing machine pulley

The need to remove the pulley of the Candy washing machine arises when you need to get to the bearing unit of the machine. Finding the drum wheel is easy - just remove the back wall of the washing machine body. How to carefully dismantle a metal part? Let's look into the nuances.

Is it difficult to get rid of a pulley?

The pulley itself is easy to access. To do this, you will first need to remove the top cover of the SMA case, and then the back wall. The fasteners are unscrewed with a regular screwdriver.

The pulley is a metal wheel. It is screwed to the drum bushing and connected to the washer motor through a drive belt. How difficult will it be to remove the part itself?

  • To unscrew the pulley you will need,
  • choose a key of the appropriate size,
  • place the tool on the bolt head,
  • secure the pulley with a wooden block (so that the wheel does not spin),
  • Use the wrench to begin unscrewing the bolt counterclockwise.

Often on washing machines that have been in use for several years, the thread of the pulley bolt becomes permanently rusty. In such a situation, there is a high risk of breaking the head. The craftsmen try to use a wrench to twist the fastener damaged by corrosion, and end up tearing off the cap. Then the task becomes several times more complicated.

Dealing with a damaged bolt is much more difficult. The key will have nothing to grab onto, and the tool will begin to slip. Before attempting to remove a rusty head, spray it with WD-40 and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wipe the cap and try to remove the retainer.

If the pulley bolt head has already been torn off, the wrench will not help. Arm yourself with a chisel and a hammer. You will have to make a small notch on the retainer cap. A recess of 1-1.5 mm will be sufficient.

Then place the chisel in the notch and, using a hammer, try to set the bolt in motion. It is better to turn the head counterclockwise, but this is not important. It is important that the sprocket moves completely.

You can use a manual grinder. With its help it will be easier to make a notch on the cap. Afterwards the bolt is also unscrewed using a chisel and hammer.

The screw was removed, but the pulley remained in place

  • In some cases, removal is complicated by the fact that the pulley is strongly stuck to the bushing. Then, even after removing the bolt, it is impossible to pull off the drum wheel. To dismantle the element, you will have to try. The universal cleaner WD-40 will help get rid of scale and corrosion. This is where we need to start.
  • Spray the joint area with WD-40 spray.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes, wipe the treated area with a cloth.
  • Have someone hold the drum while you grab the pulley with both hands and start swinging it to the sides.
  • After each attempt to swing the wheel, re-treat the joint with WD-40 cleaner.

If the pulley is frozen in place and you cannot tighten it by hand, you will have to knock out the wheel. You cannot use metal objects - this can damage the unit by breaking the shaft. Any long piece of wood, such as the handle of a shovel, will do the job. It needs to be sharpened at one end.

Next, the pointed end is placed in the center of the pulley. Then a hammer is taken. Strikes on the block must be strong and accurate. Over time, the drum wheel will fall off the hub. You need to understand that such work can take 20-30 minutes.