Red lock on Samsung washing machine

Red lock on Samsung washing machine

Poor quality water in the plumbing, sudden power surges, and errors in using the Samsung washing machine can lead to equipment breakdown. For example, if the red lock on the washing machine is constantly on or just blinking, this is one of the signals that the washing machine may have failed. How to be in such a situation, whether to call the master, and whether it is possible to fix the machine with your own hands - we will tell in today's article.

Does a red padlock indicate a breakdown?

When the red lock on the display is lit during the working cycle of the Samsung washing machine, there is nothing to worry about. That is just information for the housewife that the machine door is locked, as the wash is in progress. When the home assistant finishes working, it will still lock the door for several minutes, but after that, the lock will automatically be released, and the indicator in the form of a lock will turn off.

But what if the key or lock is lit or constantly blinking when the Samsung machine is not washing, and the hatch is open? In such a situation, the device may not even respond to button presses, and the light will continue to glow red. In this case, you will have to conduct a thorough diagnosis and possibly repair because this is a serious sign of a malfunction of home appliances.

Disable blocking feature

When the Samsung washing machine door does not open, this is not a reason to call a service center specialist or personally start repairs. First, ensure that child protection is deactivated - a special function of modern devices that blocks all buttons during washing, including the hatch opening button.

In rare cases, restarting the system may not help, so the red padlock on display will remain lit or flashing. If this happens, then follow the instructions:

  • Turn off the Samsung washer,
  • Wait 10-15 minutes,
  • Reconnect the device to the mains and turn it on.

Most often, these manipulations should solve the problem. However, a more thorough check will be required if it has remained in this case.

Can't open the hatch

Usually, disconnecting the equipment from the network and then waiting should help with the malfunction because the block is removed from the hatch, and the user can open it again. However, at the same time, sometimes the UBL does not release the lock because the door hook has not returned to the standard open position. That can happen if debris gets into the area of ​​​​the bimetallic plate inside the sunroof-blocking device. So then you need to open the hatch with your hands, trying not to break anything. To do this, you need to take several actions.

  • Disconnect the equipment from the mains.
  • Move to a spacious room so that nothing interferes with restoring the device's performance.
  • Remove the top case cover.
  • Insert a hand with a thin screwdriver down behind the front wall of the washer to the UBL area, located to the right of the hatch handle.
  • Feel for the plastic latch of the hatch-blocking device and try to move it to the left.

This hatch-opening method is one of many because another technique can release the door. You only need a thin, strong thread, a flat screwdriver or a nail file. The procedure is as follows:

  • Using a screwdriver, insert the thread into the hole between the SM body and the door as if putting a thread on the door of a Samsung car,
  • Putting the thread on the hatch from the side of the lock, you need to carefully pull the ends of the thread, which will provoke the opening of the lock under the pressure that has arisen.

If none of the methods helped you open the door of the home assistant, then you will have to call the master to the house so as not to damage the equipment even more. The specialist can accurately diagnose and fix the problem, possibly even without expensive repairs. That is much better than accidentally damaging the machine to get it working.

Testing UBL

The red padlock on the Samsung washing machine, which continues to burn when the machine does not wash and has already been rebooted, is an unpleasant signal that the UBL contacts have closed. To diagnose this element, you must first open the washer door in one of the abovementioned ways. To test the part, follow the instructions exactly.

Loosen the screws holding the sunroof blocking device, which are located to the left and right of the hatch hook hole in the front wall of the home helper.

  • Put your hand under the cuff and pull out the lock.
  • Disconnect the wire connector.
  • Switch the multimeter to resistance test mode.
  • Connect the device's probes to the lock's phase contact and neutral contact.
  • If a three-digit number is displayed, then everything is in order.
  • Now we place the probes on the neutral and common contacts of the lock.
  • If a zero or one is displayed, you will know that the Samsung washing machine lock is broken.

Be sure to check the lock mechanism because if everything is fine with the electrician, and the device does not work, then it is not a fact that the problem is hiding somewhere else. In addition to mechanics, it is also worth checking for debris in the castle. To do this, the element must be disassembled and cleaned because this action often helps to eliminate the failure of the hatch-blocking device. Finally, if it is impossible to detect a problem on your own, then you should call the mechanic at home so that he can check and fix everything on his own.