Red lock on Indesit washing machine

Red lock on Indesit washing machine

All Indesit washing machines have a lock indicator on the dashboard. In normal mode, it lights up red only during washing. After the sunroof is unlocked, the lock lamp turns off. If the indicator is constantly on, something in the equipment is out of order. In this case, its diagnosis is carried out.

We check the machine according to the algorithm.

First of all, excluding external factors' influence on the technique is recommended. For example, if the washing machine's red lock is on, ensure it is taking on water! In some cases, failure to start a household appliance may result from low pressure in the water supply or interruptions in the operation of the centralized water supply.

In this case, the computer receives a signal about the impossibility of water intake. It, in turn, signals the need to turn on the lock indicator. If the overheating protection system does not work, the heating element ignites, and after the tank of the household appliance.

Won't the washing machine wash? Check for power outages! The Achilles heel of Indesit brand washing machines is that even the smallest jumps in the power supply network can lead to software failure. As a rule, it is not difficult to eliminate such an error:

  • Disconnect the machine from the power supply,
  • Waiting for 10 - 20 minutes,
  • We connect equipment to the network,
  • Select the Drain and spin modes,
  • If the red lock light comes on again, the problem needs more serious consideration.

In most cases, the problem of malfunctions in the operation of the lock indicator solve at the stage of primary diagnostics. However, if this does not happen, they proceed to test the components of the household appliance. First, the mechanical parts check, after which the quality of the equipment's electronics is assesse.

Level sensor and heater

The refusal to start the Indesit washing machines may be a breakdown of the pressure switch. So, if after a while after the start of water intake, he does not give a signal about the fullness of the tank, the equipment stops working. The water supply stopped. An error is displayed on the display of the machine.

Diagnosing the water meter, in this case, is carried out from simple to complex. First, the possibility of mechanical damage to the tubes and the body exclude. Then the blockages are removed, after which the adjustment quality and the contacts' reliability assess. Finally, in case of breakage of the pressure switch, it is replaced.

The red lamp of the lock can also burn continuously with a broken heater. In this case, it takes time to identify this problem. The technique continues to wash things even in cold water (only the risk of fire and current leakage to the body of the household appliance increases). How the heater works are necessary to perform several actions.

  • Remove the back panel.
  • Inspect wiring.
  • Perform resistance measurements.

A new heating element should be purchased and installed if the results deviate from the norm. Then, get rid of the old one.

It's all about the electronics.

A control board failure can cause malfunctions in the operation of Indesit washing machines. Even if the signals of the UBL, pressure switch, and heating element are sent to it, they are not recognized. Electronic failure has many reasons (moisture on contacts, voltage drops, software failures, etc.).

What to do in this case? First, contact the service center for help! It is too risky to independently diagnose or repair the board, as well as other mechanisms of an electronic household appliance.