LG washing machine vibrates strongly during spin cycle

LG washing machine vibrates strongly during spin cycle

The constant movement and jumping of the washing machine around the room greatly upsets users. People who are faced with this kind of problem understand that strong vibration during the spin cycle does not bode well. Firstly, extraneous noise and loud noise irritate not only family members, but also neighbours. Secondly, abnormal behaviour of the washing machine clearly indicates a malfunction in the system that requires repair. Let’s figure out how to stop washing equipment from escaping from its location, and where to start acting.

What causes equipment to vibrate?

LG washing machines that have just been purchased and installed often vibrate strongly during operation. Excessive shaking may occur due to improper installation of equipment. List of reasons leading to jumps of new technology:

  • It is possible that the shipping bolts that were screwed in before transporting the machine from the store were not removed. They are installed to fix the drum. The bolts do not completely block its rotation, but they will interfere with the operation of the washer,
  • If the problem is not in the fixing bolts, serious mistakes were probably made when installing the device. Modern the transport bolts were not unscrewed automatic machines love a flat, smooth floor. Rock the body of the washing machine with your hands, if it moves from side to side, adjust the legs, fix the level position of the machine with a special lock nut.
  • It happens less often that the SMA shakes due to an overly smooth and therefore slippery floor covering. The solution to the problem is to use a rubberized mat or special anti-slip stickers on the legs of the washing machine. A budget option is to use double-sided mounting tape for these purposes.

If there is strong vibration during the spin cycle of a washing machine that has been serving you for several years, the problem may lie in the imbalance of the drum. An imbalance occurs when the machine is overloaded, or when things are unevenly distributed in the drum. In this case, the vibration will be one-time; it can be eliminated by straightening the items inside the washing machine (if it is unbalanced), or by dividing the volume of loaded laundry into two portions (if it is overloaded). Also, other components of a home assistant that has already been tested over the years may be damaged, which we will discuss later.

Possible malfunctions

If the installation was carried out correctly, the machine was not overloaded with laundry, and it was definitely not a matter of imbalance, therefore, there was some kind of breakdown. You can detect the problem and deal with it yourself; you need to understand where to start looking. Theoretically, anything could happen.

  • The springs holding the washing machine tank are worn out. Perhaps the elements were initially of poor quality or failed due to long use. In such a situation, extraneous noise is heard when the machine is operating, and increased vibration of the body is also observed.
  • The shock-absorbing devices designed to prevent the machine from shaking were damaged.
  • The counterweight has suffered a lot of wear. This is an element located at the bottom of LG direct drive machines. It is a heavy block. If the washer has been functioning properly for several years and suddenly begins to vibrate, the counterweight mounts may have become loose. Damage to the block itself is less likely, but in some cases, it may be due to cracks on its surface. Therefore, if the machine does not just hum during the spin cycle, but jumps in different directions, feel free to check the concrete block.
  • The drum bearings have become unusable. These elements play a huge role in the functioning of the SMA. If, simultaneously with strong vibration, a characteristic clanging sound is heard from inside the machine, it is better to immediately stop the washing program and not use the device until the bearings are replaced.
  • Rarely does a washing machine shudder due to a clogged pump. If this issue is not resolved, the blockage can lead to more disastrous consequences.

It is impossible to ignore the alarming symptoms from the home assistant. It is necessary to diagnose the equipment as soon as possible, identify the cause of the problem and eliminate it. The use of ELG automatic machines in conditions of increased vibration threatens the destruction of basic units and components, which leads to higher costs for repairing equipment.

How to solve a problem?

First, analyse whether the washing machine is installed correctly. Washing equipment must be placed on a level floor covering, strictly level.

Before using only purchased equipment, be sure to ensure that all transport bolts are removed from the case. Remove the top cover and back wall of the device, inspect the dampers and counterweights. Sometimes even new washing machines are equipped with damaged components. So, there are several ways to eliminate excessive vibration of an automatic machine:

  • Tighten the springs holding the drum. The procedure is easy to do with your own hands, but during the warranty period it is better to invite a service department for any work,
  • Inspect and, if necessary, replace the shock absorbers. Over time, shock-absorbing devices wear out and cannot fully fix the SMA tank in a stationary position,
  • Check the drain pump. Clean it if necessary. It would also be a good Idea to clean the garbage filter,
  • Inspect the counterweight, tighten any loose screws. Repairs are also easy, but if the machine is under warranty, it is better to entrust the work to specialists. Fixing faults, yourself may result in loss of warranty service,
  • Observe the maximum weight requirements for items loaded into the drum. If the instructions indicate a value of 5 kg, then the laundry can be placed strictly “up to” the specified figure. You should also correctly fold the products into the drum - not in a solid lump, but evenly distributing things over the surface,
  • Don't start washing just your shirt. Insufficient weight of the product will deprive the unit of the necessary weight. The LG washing machine drum will spin too quickly and freely, which will ultimately cause it to become loose. Washing one item of clothing once will not cause any harm, but periodically running an empty drum can cause damage.

In most cases, dealing with strong vibration from washing equipment is easy. Complex repairs await the user in two cases: if the counterweight unit is damaged or the bearings are faulty. However, this work can also be carried out independently, having previously studied the algorithm of actions for replacing elements.