LG washing machine turns on by itself.

LG washing machine turns on by itself.

Owners of ElG washing machines may encounter an atypical malfunction of the equipment, namely the spontaneous turning on of the machine. If the power cord is connected to the mains, the machine periodically begins to emit a welcome melody and illuminate the control panel. Then the equipment goes into standby mode, and after five minutes it turns off.

Some users are not afraid of such “strangeness” in the operation of the equipment. They prefer to simply turn off the power to the equipment after use and not understand the essence of the breakdown. However, it is worth understanding why the LG washing machine turns on by itself, which is the root cause of this.

Is it worth touching the firmware?

If you start studying various forums on this topic, you can come across “home craftsmen” who claim that the spontaneous startup of the washing machine is caused by “broken” firmware. Internet experts are confident that with proper flashing of the main control module, the problem will be solved by itself.

This opinion is wrong. Even if the washing machine’s software is fully operational, it may periodically turn on its own. Several experiments have been conducted to confirm this.

Washing machine repair technicians evaluated two LG models with a similar problem and were convinced that flashing the system did not work. However, when specialists replaced the main control unit of the washing machine, the fault was eliminated. But is it possible to cope with a breakdown only by installing a new expensive module? Are there other ways out of the situation?

Blame the button.

The cause of the malfunction in both cases was the machine's network button. The contacts leading from the ON/OFF key to the control module sometimes did not work correctly. As part of the experiment, the button was examined first, but the specialists did not notice any defects. It’s all due to a manufacturing defect?

In cases where we are talking about defects made by the manufacturer, it makes sense to talk about a huge batch of low-quality components for automatic machines. In such a situation, the brand usually recalls all defective washing machines from circulation and repairs them at its own expense. But such grandiose measures would have been reported by the media, and since there is no information, our specialists decided to independently figure out the root cause of the breakdown.

Based on the results of the inspection, the experts rendered a verdict: the washing machine turns on by itself, since the contacts of the power key lose their primary functionality due to moisture getting on them. The wiring responsible for turning the unit on and off is sensitive to condensation, and if it is not properly insulated with compound, damage to the supply contacts can be expected.

Thus, you can cope with the spontaneous start of the washing machine by replacing the power button or treating it with an alcohol solution. The measures described are temporary and do not guarantee that the malfunction will not recur. To forget about the problem forever, you should solve the issue of waterproofing the contacts of the key and the connector with a compound.