LG washing machine turns on and off by itself

LG washing machine turns on and off by itself

The more functions in modern household appliances, the more likely it is to fail and puzzle the housewife. One situation that stupefies the user is when the LG washing machine turns on and off by itself. In this case, if the machine's wire is connected to the outlet, then the washer will play the starting melody, which notifies the start of the machine, and then illuminate the control panel. At the same time, after some time of inactivity, the device will go into standby mode, and after five minutes, it will turn off completely, as if there was no strange spontaneous switching on. Let's figure out why this can happen, what it can lead to and why it is so important to fight it.

Will I have to flash the machine again?

The worst thing a user can do in this situation is inaction and expect the problem to be solved by itself. Of course, you can turn off the power to the unit every time immediately after the operating cycle, but this is only an escape from the problem, not a solution. Homemakers often turn to the Internet for an answer, where users usually advise simply updating the firmware of the washing machine control module. However, updating the firmware cannot solve this problem because even with perfect software, the machine can turn on and off, so the software has nothing to do with it.


Service center specialists ensure that additional firmware of the control module does not solve the problem, but a complete replacement of the control unit can solve it. But what if there is neither money nor desire to dismantle the old module and buy a new one, which may cost a little less than the washing machine itself? In this case, experts advise checking several more options for the occurrence of a malfunction.

Power key

Very often, a similar problem appears not because of the control unit and its software but because of the network button of the LG washing machine. It's all about contacts from the power button to the technology control module. Contacts often fail, burn out, or disconnect, so check them first.

If everything is in order with the wires, then a factory marriage may be to blame. Of course, this is far from the most common situation, but this happens, so the manufacturer must even recall all defective units from circulation and repair them for free.

If we finally discard this rare option, it is worth again studying the possibility that the home assistant began to turn on its own due to the contacts of the power button, which have lost their operability. This could also happen due to water getting on them because the wiring that is responsible for turning the machine on and off in the device is incredibly sensitive to moisture, so it is so essential that the wires are insulated with a compound.

Lousy contact in the socket, plug or mains wire.

What if the wiring is carefully examined, but the problem still needs to be found? It remains only to study the contact quality in the socket, plug or network wire. If the contact is poor, an arc and an element may form in the micro gap so that the structure will heat up.

Therefore, many also hide the problem because, due to the minimal movement of the socket or wire, the contact will either disappear or reappear, which will provoke the start and shutdown of the LG washing machine. Therefore, if you find this particular malfunction, immediately find the place with poor contact and fix it to avoid emergencies. That's why it's so important not to let things take their course if you find that the technique has begun to activate itself.