LG washing machine turns off during washing

LG washing machine turns off during washing

The automatic shutdown of the ElG washing machine on its own during the wash cycle is quite rare. The reason for this can be either a normal short-term failure or a failure of any of the system elements. First, you should restart the equipment - turn off the power for a few seconds, then plug it back into the network. If this method does not help, and the LG washing machine turns off during washing and further, you will have to carry out detailed diagnostics of the unit.

What could have happened?

There are quite a lot of factors that determine the possibility of an LG washing machine turning off spontaneously. To understand how to deal with the problem, you need to diagnose the problem. What is more likely to happen is:

  • Failure in the specified washing mode (indicates a problem with the control module),
  • Exceeding the permissible load weight (the electric motor power is not enough to rotate an overly heavy drum),
  • Choosing the wrong washing mode,
  • Failure of the hatch locking device. In this case, the washing machine will not be able to work, since the loading hatch will not be closed tightly,
  • Protective shutdown caused by the leakage protection system. The water level sensor in the pan gives a signal, because of which the equipment stops working,
  • Malfunction of one of the most essential elements of the machine: heating element, motor, drain pump etc,
  • Blockage of the water intake or drainage system.

Most problems can be easily fixed with your own hands. It is necessary to assess the condition of the washing machine, observe at what stage of the program the operation of the device stops. Determining the root cause of the malfunction will help return the washing machine to full functionality.

There is an imbalance.

Modern LG automatic machines are equipped with a convenient sensor for weighing laundry placed in the drum. If the weight allowed by the manufacturer is exceeded, the equipment will display the corresponding error code or simply turn off.

In addition, when filling the drum with things, clothes should be evenly distributed over its inner surface. Otherwise, the laundry will form one continuous lump, which, in turn, will cause the drum to become unbalanced and the washing machine to spontaneously turn off.

That is why it is necessary to observe the maximum loading weight of the washing machine and correctly lay out the laundry inside the drum.

Short circuit to one of the nodes

Often the reason for the spontaneous shutdown of ElG washing machines is an unexpected breakdown of some critical element of the system. For example, if the heating element malfunctions, the water drawn into the tank will not be able to heat up according to the specified parameters but will be either cold or brought to a boil. Having detected overheating, the temperature sensor will automatically work and turn off the equipment.

If the electric motor is damaged, the washing machine will operate uncontrollably. In this case, you can note too fast, or, conversely, slow drum revolutions. A breakdown of the drain pump can be easily determined at the stage of draining the waste liquid into the sewer.

Aqua stop triggered.

The ElG machine, equipped with a leak protection system, can be turned off when the water level sensor located in the pan is triggered. In such a situation, the washing machine should display the error code corresponding to the problem before turning off, but, unfortunately, the machine does not always notify you about this. Therefore, users may see a turned off LG washing machine, without any code on the display. It is impossible to guess that the pan of the machine is filled with water.

Sometimes the sensor that prevents leaks starts to “stick” and triggers at any time. In this case, making repairs is quite simple; you just need to reach into the pan with your hand and put the float in its original place.

Control module failure

The main control unit can turn off the machine. It will not be possible to test the board without disassembling the machine and opening the module; there is a lot of work ahead. Only an experienced specialist knowledgeable in this field can professionally test the control unit and carry out its repair.

When carrying out superficial diagnostics with your own hands, it is best to use a multimeter. Based on the data produced by the device, we can conclude that the board is working properly. Sometimes one glance at a module is enough to understand that it needs to be replaced. Burnt contacts, burnt tracks, etc. will be visible on the block.