LG washing machine hatch repair

LG washing machine hatch repair

Damage to the door of a front-facing automatic machine is a very common and not the most serious problem. Most often, you can repair the element yourself without contacting a service center. We'll tell you how to remove and repair the hatch of an LG washing machine at home, and what tools you will need in the process.

Separate the sash from the machine body

The first step in repairing an LG washing machine door is to remove the hatch. Trying to restore an element by weight is a fool’s errand. It will take about five minutes to dismantle the sash along with the hinges. There is nothing complicated in the work ahead. Algorithm of actions:

  • Turn off the power to the washing machine,
  • Open the door wide to gain free access to all fasteners,
  • Take a set of open-end wrenches,
  • Find the fixing bolts near the door hinges,
  • Use a size 8 wrench to remove the fasteners.

Therefore, there is no need to try to “tear” the hatch from the body immediately after removing the bolts. First you need to remove the element from the hook holders. Raise the hinges approximately 5-7 mm, then pull the MMA door towards you.

This is the only way to quickly and safely remove the automatic machine door. There is no need to use excessive force; the hooks are made of soft metal and can be easily damaged. Then the element is placed on a flat surface. The further course of work will depend on the type of damage.

Possible door problems

Now we have to inspect the door and study its design. This will help you understand what exactly went wrong. The design of the doors of washing machines of different brands is similar, but there are still differences. It is also worth understanding the electrical circuit to exclude a malfunction of the UBL.

What problems are most often encountered when repairing a door:

  • Crack on the sunroof glass,
  • Sagging hinges holding the door,
  • Failure of the hinged support,
  • Handle damage,
  • The latch does not work or is stuck.

Sometimes the locking device itself, located separately on the body of the washing machine, fails. This lock is activated after a command from the electronic module. If the blocker breaks, the system will remain leaky, which means the washer will not start drawing water. In such a situation, the reason will not be in the door, you don’t have to remove it, you will have to work with the UBL.

Opening/closing mechanism

Suppose during the operation of the SMA, it became clear that the drum door does not close tightly, and in order for the tongue to fit into the groove, the door must be pressed. Only then is a characteristic click heard. In this case, the reason is most likely due to deformation of the latch lever. Irregularities appear on the element that prevent it from working.

To resolve this issue:

  • Remove the washing machine door from its hinges,
  • Inspect the latch on the door lock,
  • Using a file, grind off all the irregularities on the lever,
  • Treat the surface of the latch with graphite lubricant (in order to prevent the appearance of new defects),
  • Reinstall the door on the washer.

Sometimes the sash stops being fixed due to sagging hinges. This occurs due to loose fastenings. In such a situation, it is necessary to adjust the door hinges. The fasteners should be tightened until the position of the hatch is level.

When using the SMA, make sure that small children do not hang on the door. Also, do not place clothing on the sash. This will prevent the element from sagging.

Glass damaged

If the glass on the washing machine door breaks, then further operation of the automatic washing machine becomes impossible. The water will simply flow out of the tank. In this case, the ideal option is to completely replace the hatch. If this is not possible and the crack is small, glass restoration is acceptable.

If the glass is slightly damaged, you can try to “repair” the cracks with your own hands. To do this you will need plastic film, tape, reinforcing tape, and an epoxy resin solution. Particular attention should be paid to preparing the mixture.

To prepare an epoxy solution you need:

  • Add resin and hardener to the container in a ratio of 6:4,
  • Mix the ingredients until it becomes liquid sour cream (if the solution turns out thicker, you should additionally heat it in a water bath).

Use an epoxy solution based on universal EDP glue. You should not use sealant to repair cracks on the glass of the SMA door. After some time, it will be completely washed out and the repair will have to be repeated. The resin will give a longer lasting effect.

How to properly remove cracks in the glass of a washing machine door:

  • Disconnect the hatch from the SMA body,
  • Cover the outside of the gap with plastic film and tape, without voids,
  • Glue reinforcing tape on the inside of the glass (in places of defects),
  • Fill all cracks with epoxy resin solution,
  • Wait until the mixture dries - the resin hardens within 24 hours,
  • Remove all plastic and tape from the glass,
  • Smooth out any existing uneven areas.

There is no need to rush, it is important to wait until the epoxy has completely dried. 24 hours is the minimum that the door should remain in place. If you don’t wait a day, even resin will not help cope with such a problem.

The handle doesn't work

Quite often, the handle of LG washing machines breaks. It simply stops responding to pressure. In such a situation, the element will need to be replaced. First you need to place the hatch on a flat surface. Then:

  • Unscrew the bolts on the inner rim of the door,
  • Carefully separate the halves of the hatch,
  • Pull out the axis holding the spring and the handle tongue,
  • Remember what position the spring was in - it will be important to repeat it when reassembling,
  • Install the new handle in place,
  • Install the tongue and spring, fix the structure with the axis,
  • Check that the mechanism works,
  • Connect the door halves, screw back the fixing bolts,
  • Hang the hatch on the machine.

LG washing machines are common in Russia, so finding and buying components will not be difficult. A new pen is inexpensive and is selected for a specific SMA model. During the replacement, you will only need a screwdriver and pliers - these tools are found in every home.

To prevent damage to the door, it is important to remember the basic rules:

  • Do not slam the hatch, carefully open/close the sash,
  • Press the handle gently, without effort,
  • Do not hang laundry on the hatch when loading and unloading things from the machine,
  • Do not allow small children to hang or ride on the door.

Careless handling of the LG automatic machine can lead to various malfunctions. Most door problems can be prevented if you use the washing machine carefully. This will save you from additional costs for repairing your home assistant.