LG washing machine does not spin drum

LG washing machine does not spin drum

LG washing machines equipped with a direct drive motor can still add problems to users unexpected. It happens that after starting, the selected program starts working, but the washing machine drum does not spin and, in the end, the unit freezes. What to do in such a situation? Do you really have to change the vaunted inverter engine, which should work uninterruptedly for at least 10 years? Let us investigate this issue.

System overload

The culprit is that the system was overloaded. Sometimes, on LG washing machines, the drum does not rotate due to problems with the power supply, for example, after a power surge. You will not be able to deal with the cause of the breakdown by simply turning the equipment off/on; you need to reboot the entire unit through a service test.

To start the test mode of the LG washing machine, simultaneously hold down three keys on the control panel: network, Temperature and Spin.

If everything is done correctly, the indication on the control panel of the washing machine will light up. After this, you need to press the Start/Pause button, so you will start the test mode. In most cases, during the test, the system independently identifies and eliminates faults, after which the SMA begins to work.

If the service test does not help

If, after you have started the test mode on the automatic washing machine, the drum still does not want to move, you will have to consider other probable causes of the problem. The most typical damage leading to drum blocking on LG washing machines are:

  • Imbalance,
  • Failure of the hall sensor,
  • Heating element malfunction,
  • Failure of the main control module,
  • Break or defect in the supply wiring.

It is possible that your washing machine's drum is not spinning because a foreign object has gotten into the tub and is blocking its movement. There are many reasons why the machine does not work. You will have to diagnose each component of the automatic washing machine.

The drum stops only during the spin cycle.

What to do if the machine washed normally, but the drum stopped spinning during the spin cycle? You may have simply selected a non-spin mode or disabled this feature before starting the program. Then there will be no need for repairs - it will be enough to set new washing parameters.

The drum may not start to rotate during the spin cycle due to a clogged drain system. After washing, the water simply will not leave the tank, and, therefore, the spin cycle will not start, and the drum will not spin. The system may have detected an imbalance in the drum and blocked the operation of the LG washing machine. You can straighten the clothes over the surface of the drum with your own hands and continue washing.

If the pressure switch malfunctions, the laundry spin will also not start. The water level sensor transmits information about the amount of liquid in the tank to the control module. If the “brain” of the washing machine does not give the command to Spin the process will not start, and the drum will remain standing in place.

Also, a drum that does not move may indicate damage to the control board, a break in the power wiring, etc. After carefully inspecting the machine, you will understand the reason for the washing freeze.

How to fix it?

If the machine breaks down and you do not want to call a technician, you can try to fix the machine yourself. The progress of the upcoming repair will depend on the cause of the malfunction.

When there is an imbalance, you should stop the current washing program. If there is water in the drum, drain it. Afterwards, you need to wait until the hatch is unlocked, open it, and straighten the laundry evenly inside the drum.

If the washing machine does not work due to a blockage, you will have to clean the elements of the drain system. First, rinse the garbage filter located at the bottom of the washing machine behind a special false panel or door. Remove the filter element from the housing and clean it of debris and dirt. Shine a flashlight into the hole. Wipe the walls and remove the debris from there, remove any hair wrapped around the impeller.

If the heating element fails or a foreign object gets into the tank, you will have to partially disassemble the LG washing machine. Remove the back wall of the washing machine body by unscrewing the fixing bolts. Find the heating element and check it with a multimeter. Place the tester probes against the heater contacts and measure the resistance of the element. If it is faulty, remove the part from the housing by first disconnecting the power supply and unscrewing the fixing nut. After the heating element is pulled out, you can check if there is a foreign object in the tank; to do this, insert your hand into the hole formed. A working heating element is installed in the reverse order.

! If the cause of the breakdown is the failure of the main electronic module, it is better to refuse independent repairs so as not to aggravate the situation.

It is allowed to carry out a visual inspection of the board. To do this, you need to remove the top cover of the SMA, the control panel, and remove the dispenser. If burnt elements are clearly visible on the board, you will have to call a specialist to repair or completely replace the part.