Indesit washing machine the drum rattles and vibrates during the spin cycle

Indesit washing machine the drum rattles and vibrates during the spin cycle

Vibration and noise during the spin cycle invariably accompany any front-loading automatic washing machine. After all, it is during spinning that the drum of the machine rotates at maximum speed, which means that the body of the device at this moment is exposed to a strong influence of centrifugal force, which it has to fight along the way.

If a washing machine, for example, is installed incorrectly or breaks down, the device will vibrate more, which means the noise will be much louder. It is in this article that we will talk about the reasons for the noise of the Indesit washing machine during spinning and the problems that give rise to this noise.

Or maybe there is no reason to worry?

Suspicious citizens often turn to service centers, vying with each other to tell the technicians about how monstrously noisy their washing machines are, saying that they cannot work so unbearably loudly, there must be a breakdown. The technician comes to the place, does a test run of the washing machine, makes sure that everything is working properly, there are no breakdowns, and the noise is within acceptable limits, takes money for the call and leaves.

In this case, it is necessary to understand that the threshold of sensitivity to noise is individual for everyone, some react negatively to noise of more than 70 dB, while others tolerate noise above 130 dB. Before you run to the service center, make sure that your Indesit washing machine model is, for some reason, louder than usual. It’s not difficult to do this in our age. Proceed like this:

  • Take the instructions that came with your Indesit washing machine,
  • Find in the instructions the noise level in dB that the washing machine should emit when spinning,
  • Download and install any free sound level meter utility for your smartphone (for example, we used the Sound Meter utility),
  • Set up the utility according to the instructions that came with it and measure the noise from the Indesit washing machine during spinning.

Further act depending on the measurement results. If the dB value given by the utility (+- 5-7 dB) approximately corresponds to the value specified in the instructions, then this noise is normal for this model, and you cannot do anything about it, except perhaps change the washer. If the indicators vary greatly and the noise exceeds the declared value by 15, 20, or even 40 dB, you need to look for the reason - this is definitely not normal.

Even if the noise level during spinning is much higher than that stated by the manufacturer, do not rush to contact a specialist or climb into the body of the washing machine. Watch how the machine behaves when the drum speed reaches its maximum and, of course, pay attention to how much laundry you put in the drum and how you do it. It may very well be that the cause of the problems is not in the machine, but in a simple user error or incorrect installation. I would like to talk a little more about the installation.

Installation defects

In order for the washing machine to work well and not make unnecessary noise, it is necessary to carefully approach the issues of its installation. Many users neglect the installation rules, considering it inappropriate to spend time studying them. As a result, our technicians, going to clients’ apartments, clutch their heads when they see washing machines installed at an angle of 10 degrees, or even worse, they see washing machines in which the owners forgot to remove the shipping bolts and use them as if nothing was wrong. it happened.

Before placing an Indesit brand automatic washing machine anywhere, you need to make sure that there is as solid a base as possible under it. The ideal option is a concrete floor, but if it is not possible to make a concrete pedestal, at least strengthen the wooden floor so that it does not wobble or sag, even when you start jumping on it. If the floor can withstand a jumping adult man, then it can easily withstand a running washing machine.

Having strengthened the floor, you can begin installation, but do not part with the building level. If the Indesit washing machine or any other is installed with the slightest deviation, this will affect its operation. Don't forget to also remove the shipping bolts that are screwed into special holes located on the back wall of the washing machine.

If you are building a washing machine under a countertop, into a sink or some other furniture, do not forget that there should be a gap of 1 cm between the walls of the piece of furniture and the body of the washing machine, and 2 cm between the side walls. It is advisable that the washing machine does not come into contact with the washing machine at all. furniture so that vibration is not transmitted to it and does not have a detrimental effect.

These are just some recommendations regarding the correct installation of a washing machine, if you need details, read the publication Installing and connecting a washing machine. You will get a lot of useful information from this article.

Foreign object or manufacturing defect

If the Indesit washing machine has been very noisy since its purchase, you need to listen very carefully to the nature of the sound. If the noise is measured and simply exceeds the level declared by the manufacturer, this is not so bad, although even in this case you can request warranty repairs or replacement of the equipment with a similar one. But if the noise is uneven, and a metallic clang is heard through the hum and rumble, you must immediately stop the wash, drain the water and call a technician to your home. There is no way to wash under such conditions.

Don’t even think about getting into the body of the new Indesit washing machine, which is under warranty. Give the opportunity to find out the reasons for the noise during the spin cycle to the service center technician. Most likely, we are talking about a manufacturing defect; perhaps defective bearings or some other moving parts were installed on your car. In any case, a specialist who is obliged to do this will sort it out.

It may happen that your old Indesit washing machine was working, working normally, and then suddenly began to clang and make a lot of noise during the spin cycle. In this case, you are not necessarily dealing with a malfunction; it is quite possible that a rather large foreign object has simply entered the tank. It is not always possible to determine this by sound without being an experienced master, but there are some characteristic signs indicating this. Let's indicate them.

  • Along with noise and clanging, you can distinguish the characteristic jamming of the drum during the spin process.
  • A foreign object will dangle in the tank while the machine is running at high speeds; if you listen, you can discern this.
  • You can shine a flashlight into the small holes that are in the drum and try to see what is at the bottom of the tank. You can also move the edge of the cuff and look with a flashlight into the gap between the tank and the drum.

Let's imagine that you saw a foreign object, heard it, or simply remembered what could have disappeared in the depths of the washing machine tank. What to do in this case?

  • We remove the back wall of the “home assistant”.
  • Remove the drive belt.
  • Using a smartphone, we photograph the location of the wires on the heating element, which is located at the bottom of the tank.
  • We remove the wires, unscrew the nut located between the contacts of the heating element, and pull out the heating element.
  • We climb with our hand into the hole that was formed after removing the heating element and scoop out all the dirt along with the foreign object from the bottom of the tank.
  • We put the heating element and other parts in place, assemble and install the washing machine.

Possible breakdowns

In the Indesit washing machine, when spinning, the drum rattles and the body vibrates, perhaps this is a serious malfunction. Most often, extraneous noise in an Indesit washing machine during spinning occurs when the bearing is destroyed. A rather unpleasant situation that smacks of expensive repairs, although, of course, you can replace this part yourself. This is not easy, but if you read our publication How to change the bearing in an Indesit washing machine, you will be able to do it.

A deformed pulley or crosspiece can also cause noise, although with such damage a strong, unpleasant sound will be audible even during washing. In general, it is very difficult to determine anything by the sound in such a situation; you need to open the case and look at the facts, and it is better if a professional does this.

In conclusion, we note that an Indesit brand washing machine can rattle loudly and make other strong, unnatural sounds for various reasons. It could be a simple overload, an imbalance of the drum, or a serious breakdown; in any case, it’s better to figure it out right away, without putting the matter off for a long time, and then, perhaps, your “home assistant” will work for a long time. Good luck!