Indesit washing machine hatch repair

Indesit washing machine hatch repair

The door of a front-loading washing machine is a rather fragile element that can be easily damaged by careless actions. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that users so often need Indesit washing machine door repairs. Fortunately, this problem can usually be dealt with at home and without outside help. To do this, you should prepare a minimum set of tools, be patient and strictly follow our instructions.

Dismantling the machine door

Before starting work, it is necessary to dismantle the hatch door from the “home assistant” in order to restore it in a comfortable position, and not hanging. To do this yourself, you will have to remove the door along with the hinges, which should take about five to ten minutes. What should I do for this?

  • Open the automatic transmission door completely so that nothing prevents you from reaching the fasteners.
  • Locate the retaining bolts that are located near the door hinges.
  • Remove them using a regular 8 key.

Do not try to forcefully remove the door immediately after removing the fasteners, because the element is also held in place by special hook-holders. These latches are necessary to securely hold the door in its seat. That's why you will need to first lift the hinges by about 5 millimetres, and only then pull the hatch door in your direction.

This is the only way you can carefully remove the element without risking damage to it. Under no circumstances use brute force during dismantling, otherwise you risk seriously damaging the hook holders, which are made of a rather fragile metal.

Possible door problems

When the door is removed, take the time to carefully examine it - this will help you understand the cause of the breakdown. Of course, the design of the door is very similar for different models of washing machines, but there are always features without taking into account which it will not be possible to restore the damaged element. It will not be superfluous to have knowledge of electrical circuits in order to carefully check the hatch locking device, with which problems also often arise. In addition to UBL, the problem with a faulty door can be caused by other troubles. It could be:

  • broken sunroof glass,
  • broken latch,
  • sagging hinges,
  • damaged hinge supports.

If the problem is not in the UBL, then it is easy to deal with it yourself, which we will discuss in the following sections of the article.

Door locking system

If you cannot close the door of your “home assistant” tightly, then there is a high probability of deformation of the latch lever. Even the slightest irregularities on the element affect the functioning of the hatch door, because they will not allow it to close until it clicks, indicating that the system is sealed. How to deal with this problem?


  • Remove the door using the instructions from the previous section.
  • Carefully file away any rough edges and nicks using a simple file.
  • Coat the surface of the element with graphite lubricant.
  • Put the door back in place.

The problem could also be caused by loose fasteners or sagging hinges. In this case, it is enough to simply adjust the door hinges, tightening the fasteners so that they fit tightly into the grooves again, thus aligning the position of the hatch door.

Crack in glass

If past faults were relatively easy to deal with, then fixing the next one will require much more time and effort. When the glass breaks or cracks, the use of a washing machine is prohibited, because otherwise you risk your flooring, the ceiling of your neighbors below, the integrity of household appliances and even the health of family members who may suffer from an electric shock. In this situation, it is worth choosing a solution to the problem - the glass needs to be either glued or replaced.

Unfortunately, glass is now quite expensive, and it is not always available in stores, so users start restoration in order to save the family budget. How do repairs proceed if the cracks in the glass are small?

  • Place a polyethylene film without gaps or voids on the outside of the glass, and then secure it with tape.
  • Place reinforcing tape on the inside, covering the areas with cracks.
  • Make a special solution of epoxy resin - mix the resin with a hardener in a ratio of 6 to 4 based on epoxy universal adhesive EDP until the product becomes homogeneous, reminiscent of liquid sour cream. If the solution turns out to be much thicker, then it is permissible to heat it in a water bath, stirring with a spoon so that it becomes thinner.
  • When the solution is ready, you need to fill all areas with cracks with it.
  • After treating damaged areas of glass, you need to leave the washer for at least twenty-four hours.
  • After time, all that remains is to remove the tape along with the plastic film, and carefully remove all the irregularities.

The most important thing in restoring glass is to follow the instructions and not touch the element until the epoxy resin is applied. This is the only way to return your household appliances to normal operation if you do not want to replace the entire door.

The handle does not function

The last situation to examine is the damage to the CM door handle. If it is broken, you will have to dismantle the door using our guide, place the element on a flat surface, and then remove all the fixing bolts from it. Once this is done, carefully separate the door into two halves, pull out the glass and repeat the following instructions step by step:

  • Drill a hole in the part, the length of which should be about 4 millimetres,
  • Cut the nail to the same depth,
  • Heat the nail and then install it in the place prepared for it,
  • Wait a few minutes and then check the part.

The door of a front-loading washing machine is no less important than any other unit of the appliance, which is why it should also be protected. Never slam the door, do not place freshly washed clothes on it, explain to children that they cannot ride on it, and also do not pull the handle too sharply. By taking all precautions, you can significantly extend the life of your household appliances.