How to wash difficult things in the washing machine

How to wash difficult things in the washing machine

Modern machines ideally wash difficult dirt on bedding, favorite clothes, and children's toys. But can wash more complex things in this way. You need to follow specific rules.


You can also wash your favorite sports shoes in the washing machine. Only you need to do this with means by which there are no bleaches or acids. Remember that it is advisable to run two pairs of shoes into the drum simultaneously. If you still wash one, you will need a counterweight. It can be an old towel or some rags. Next, you need to do this:

  1. Set the temperature to 40 degrees.
  2. Set the spin to the minimum value.
  3. Wash time is half an hour at maximum.

If there are severe stains on the sneakers, applying a special stain remover on them before washing is better.

Down jacket

A winter or down jacket with stains can also be pre-washed or sprayed with a stain remover spray. Next, you must lay it in the drum as freely as possible. Finally, insert tennis balls into the folds. This action will prevent fluff or other filler from bunching up.

There is one caveat - it is advisable to pre-wet the balls with hot water to check if they are painted. Otherwise, you can spoil the down jacket.

Powder needs to be poured quite a bit - a tablespoon is enough. If you run a lot of it, stains may appear on a dried-down jacket.

It is necessary to dry the down jacket after such washing, periodically shaking it.

Draped coat.

In this case, preparing well for washing the product is essential. It is necessary to inspect the coat for glued elements. If anything is found, cancel the wash.

Use a brush to clean heavily soiled areas. Next, you need a unique laundry bag. It will help to avoid friction of the coat against the walls of the drum.

Must not use powder to wash outerwear from the drape. Only gel for woollen things is suitable. After the gel is added to the powder compartment, you can start washing. For this, you need the following:

  1. Disable spin.
  2. Set the temperature to 30 degrees.
  3. Set the "delicate wash" mode.
  4. Turn off the dryer.

Some models of washing machines, especially those made recently, are equipped with an eco-bubble function. If it is, it must be turned off during the wash. These bubbles can ruin the coat.

Dry the coat in an upright position without any additional heat sources. The longer it is exposed to moisture, the more likely it is to suffer.

The above material shows that a washing machine can help its owners solve unexpected problems. However, it should be remembered according to safety rules, as noted by specialists of the Coimbatore Service, specializing in the repair of washing machines, up to 30% of breakdowns occur solely through the fault of the owners.