How to unlock a washing machine - open the door

How to unlock a washing machine - open the door

Do you want to take clothes out of the washing machine, but the door won’t open? This means the lock is locked. How to open a locked car door yourself? You will learn the answer to this question from this article.

Reasons for blocking not related to malfunctions

The first case is not even a breakdown, but a common precaution that is used when washing. If your washing machine is washing clothes right now, then it is natural that for safety reasons the hatch door will automatically lock in the closed position. And if for some reason you urgently need to unlock the hatch, you will have to first interrupt the operation of your household appliances. You may also need to turn off the machine.

Another option, which is not a malfunction, but rather a shortcoming of some models, is the hatch being blocked due to an unexpected power outage. This sometimes happens in our country. Nothing particularly bad happened to the machine. And in order for it to open its door again, you will need to start a program for spinning the laundry, as well as draining the water. This should help.

The third case again does not need repair, since this is again not a breakdown. And a natural feature of the operation of this type of household appliances. More specifically, it is that the washing machine does not allow you to remove washed clothes for some time after washing. For most of these models, this time is limited to three minutes. Although, they say, there are also washing machines that are blocked for 5 minutes after washing. Therefore, in this situation, you should not sound the alarm, but simply wait calmly. And as soon as the automatic locking time has expired, you must try to open the hatch again.

We have sorted out all the natural and unrelated reasons why the washing machine does not allow the door to open. Now let's look at several options when the machine does not open due to a breakdown.

The washing machine is blocked due to a breakdown

Look inside the drum (if you have a standard front-loading machine). If you notice that there is water left inside the tank, then the problem is that it is not draining. In order to find out how to correct the situation, you can read the article: The washing machine does not drain water .

The hatch handle may also break. In order to replace a faulty handle, you can watch a video with instructions on how to replace this part of the machine. True, the car door is already open there.

If the problem is not in the hatch handle, but in the lock itself, then it’s easier not to bother with fixing it, but simply replace the faulty part with a new one. You can purchase the necessary spare part in an online store or at a household appliance repair service. In order not to prescribe the entire procedure for replacing the lock, we decided to add a video.

There you can see all the stages of changing this part yourself, starting, again, with removing the lid of the washing machine. Everything is done quite simply. And most of you will be able to do this procedure without outside help.