How to unlock a Samsung washing machine door won't open

How to unlock a Samsung washing machine door won't open

Everyone is so accustomed to regularly using the washing machine that a suddenly blocked door becomes a great tragedy and is fraught with disrupted plans. Panic is stronger if the tank is full of water, and an open door threatens a real flood. But there is no need to lament and lose heart: in nine cases out of ten, the problem is solved by simple actions.

Moreover, to unlock your Samsung washing machine, you don’t need to call a repairman. Maybe it's all about a built-in protective mechanism, a system glitch, or a small blockage that can easily be removed without outside help. It is not difficult to diagnose the cause yourself, and the instructions below will help you with this.

Why are there difficulties with opening?

If the machine door does not open the first and second time after washing, you should not repeat attempts, increasing the pressure and force used. This approach will only aggravate the situation and add a broken lock or a torn door to the blockage. It is more productive to understand the reasons for the current situation, of which there may be only five.

  • Standard automatic locking while the machine is running. After completing the next cycle, at least 1-2 minutes should pass for Samsung machines, after which the door will unlock on its own.
  • System failure. There may be a technical violation in the washing program. Failures are triggered by sudden power surges, interruptions in the water supply, or sudden power outages.
  • Faulty lock block. It is possible that the lock is jammed. Natural wear, careless loading/unloading of the tank or rough opening of the door - all this negatively affects the locking mechanism.
  • There is a blockage in the drain hose. In this case, the water does not drain from the tank, so the system does not signal to unlock. Even if the cycle has been completed.
  • Child lock. The special protection mode can be turned on accidentally.

It is worth looking for the cause of a locked hatch among the listed points. The most ideal option is to open the technical data sheet or instructions for your existing Samsung model and see the procedure for each case. If you can’t find such papers in the house, we’ll figure out what to do next on our own.

Opening delay

First, you need to calm down. It is likely that the machine is not broken, but someone is in a hurry to continue washing and forgot about the automatic closing of the hatch. This measure is a standard safety requirement for which all manufactured front-loading washing machines are programmed. Samsung is no exception. It should take about 1-2 minutes for the drum to stop completely, the water to drain and the system to give the go-ahead to open the door.

If the specified time has passed and the machine is still unavailable, we act differently. We disconnect the washing machine from the power supply and let it rest for half an hour. The machine could respond by blocking to sudden changes in voltage, a hitch in the water supply, or a slight blackout in the apartment. In thirty minutes, the system will reset and unlock the door lock.

Panel lock

When waiting doesn't bring results, you need to pay attention to the control panel. Almost all modern Samsung cars are equipped with a child lock option, which is activated by simultaneously pressing two buttons. Each model has its own combination, but most often it consists of Rinse and Temperature.

You can find the exact set of keys in the corresponding section of the instructions or carefully inspect the machine - there is a lock drawn between the required buttons. All that remains is to press the keys simultaneously and hold them for 10 seconds. Afterwards the door should open without difficulty.

All the described methods work only when the tank is empty. If the problem with a locked hatch is complicated by the presence of laundry inside in undrained water, you will have to act in other ways. They will be discussed below.

The car stopped, there was water inside

When the cycle ends, the door is locked, and there is water left in the drum, which means there is a failure in the drainage system. First of all, we wait a few minutes to eliminate the opening delay after automatic locking. If the door is also motionless, then we try to provoke the car:

  • Turn on the standard Spin or Rinse mode.
  • We are waiting for the end of the cycle.
  • If the situation repeats, inspect the drain hose and, if necessary, clear the blockage.
  • We start the spin cycle again.

Each Samsung model also provides emergency opening of the washing machine. This is possible with the help of a special cable, which is painted in an intense red or orange color. Most often it is located near the filter, behind a rectangular panel in the lower right corner of the unit. It is enough to slowly pull it towards you to remove the lock on the door.

For those who were unable to find the emergency release cable, we suggest using another method:

  • Disconnect the washing machine from the electrical network,
  • We provide free access to the unit,
  • Remove the top cover of the machine,
  • Tilt the machine until the tank moves away from the door,
  • Inspect the opened locking mechanism,
  • We find the tongue that locks the door,
  • We remove the constipation.

All the described manipulations can be performed independently, but it will be faster and easier if you do it with outside help. If the door is still locked, it is best to look up the factory instructions for additional emergency measures. A specific model of a Samsung washing machine may have its own secrets.

Lock or handle?

Often the desire to quickly open the hatch door ends with a damaged handle and a broken lock. This is exactly how the machine will react to attempts to bypass the blockage with force and pressure. For those who have not calculated their power, an alternative option is offered for opening the washing machine.

  • Measure the circumference of the door.
  • Prepare a cord with a diameter of less than 5 millimeters and a length that should be equal to the circumference of the door plus 25 centimeters.
  • Carefully insert the rope into the gap between the door and the body (if necessary, you can use a flat-head screwdriver or other similar tool).
  • Pull slowly on both ends of the lace.

It is worth understanding that opening the door will not solve the problem of a broken locking mechanism. A faulty lock will have to be replaced. It will not be easy to cope with such a matter on your own: you need to find a suitable part, partially disassemble the unit and return everything to its original place. Therefore, it is better not to experiment with DIY repairs and entrust the lock change to a specialist from the repair service.

Don’t despair if the machine refuses to open the door during washing. Moreover, there is no need to panic and try to forcefully solve the problem: the blockage can be removed quickly and easily. The main thing is to be patient and consistently perform all the steps described. And only after you’ve tried all the options yourself and haven’t found a solution, you should contact a Samsung washing machine repair technician.