How to understand what has broken in the washing machine

How to understand what has broken in the washing machine

Any homemaker must know what to do if the washing machine suddenly stops working.

The washing machine has long become a device that a rare homemaker can do. So, indeed, it occupies the honourable first place in the list of must-have household appliances.

To be prepared for any emergency, it will be necessary for every homemaker to find out what most often breaks down in the washing machine and what to do if the washing machine stops working during washing.

Washing machine problems: top 5 common breakdowns

There is a puddle under the car. According to experts, most often, water appears under the washing machine due to the accumulation of lint and dirty water in the cuff of the hatch. Check this part to see if it needs to be replaced.

Water remains in the tub after washing. There can be several reasons - a clogged filter or drain hose and a breakdown of the electric drain pump. Either contaminated cleaning parts or urgent repairs will help.

The water in the washing machine does not heat up. Most likely, the temperature sensor (thermistor) or the heating element has broken. It is best to call the master to find out the cause of the breakdown in this case.

During operation, the washing machine is suspiciously noisy. First of all, check the drum. Perhaps some foreign object has got into it. If the external examination does not result, you must call a mechanic.

Control panel malfunction. If the washing machine's control panel starts flashing during operation, it must immediately disconnect the appliance from the power supply. After that, you should call the mechanic.