How to tell if your washing machine bearing is bad

How to tell if your washing machine bearing is bad

Any breakdown of the washing machine is stressful for the owner. This will have to be washed by hand and a huge amount will be spent on repairs. And this is also a lengthy process.

As practice shows, to change one part, it is necessary to completely disassemble the device and only then begin repairs. Therefore, you need to be sure that this part has failed. The washing machine bearing is especially problematic.

Therefore, it is worth making sure that this part is broken. To do this, it is better to call a specialist. But you can determine it yourself if you pay attention to some signs.

What indicates bearing failure?

  • Listen to the noise while washing. In spin mode it is difficult to hear. Better during washing or rinsing. You should be alerted by the sound of metal grinding and knocking.
  • The laundry does not spin well even with an average tank load.
  • The device begins to sway more strongly. True, it is more difficult to keep track of this.
  • The edges of the cuff may be damaged.
  • After finishing the wash and completely unplugging the appliance, spin the drum. It should rotate without problems and make a hum. If you hear a beating or clunking sound, the bearings have failed.

That is sorted out. Now users are wondering what caused the breakdown. I just did not want the situation to repeat itself. And the reason lies in this: due to prolonged use, parts fail or factory defects in spare parts.

In any case, parts need to be replaced, since there is no point in repairing. Attention: all repair work must be carried out by a specialist. Just to change the bearing you need to disassemble the washing machine, and without experience this is impossible to do.

And do not forget that you need to select high-quality parts if you do not want to call a specialist again in a few months. So, together with the online store, give your washing machine a long service life and give yourself peace of mind when doing household chores.