Do-it-yourself glass replacement on a washing machine

Do-it-yourself glass replacement on a washing machine

You cannot turn on a washing machine with a broken or cracked sunroof glass. The seal of the drum will be broken, and water will begin to flow out through the crack. Replacing glass on a washing machine is a repair that you can do yourself.

We removed the old one and installed a new part.

What should you consider before removing the broken glass and buying a new one? It is important to know that models from the brands Ariston, Zanussi, Samsung, Kandy, and some other popular brands may have different sizes, shapes and glass thicknesses. Therefore, the sequence of actions should be as follows: first, remove the damaged part, and then go to a specialized store for a replacement or look for a suitable option in online stores.

To easily dismantle and replace the door glass, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply,
  • Turn off the water supply (tighten the valve),
  • Remove the door from the hinge using a Phillips screwdriver (or an 8 key) - you need to unscrew the fastening bolts,
  • Slightly lift the door, pull it to the side and disconnect it,
  • Unscrew the screws located around the perimeter of the plastic panels,
  • Take a flat-head screwdriver and squeeze it out, disconnect the latches,
  • Get the broken glass.

Having chosen and purchased new glass, you can install it to replace the broken one with your own hands. To do this you need to follow the instructions:

  • Install the glass in the grooves (look at the position of the mark),
  • Place the upper part of the door on the lower one,
  • Connect the latches, screw in the screws, check the reliability of the fastenings,
  • Return the washing machine door to its original place by placing it on the hinges and screwing in the bolts.

In the last stage, you should connect the equipment to the water supply system and electrical network. When the new part is installed, you can turn on the device and test its operation. And so that the glass does not have to be replaced again, you must adhere to several rules.

  • Check pockets for small items before washing,
  • Remove brooches or other decorative elements from clothing or place them in a special bag. This will protect the machine from breakdowns and things from damage,
  • Before loading clothes into the drum, any zippers, or buttons on them must be fastened,
  • Do not exceed the drum loading rate. As the laundry absorbs water, it becomes heavier,
  • Replace the door gaskets from time to time.

Enough space must be left for the door to open freely. If, when removing laundry, it hits nearby objects, the glass may break.

Cause of part damage

Even the slightest crack can be a reason to replace the glass because each part bears a considerable load during the operation of the device. The glass of the door is also subject to it, which can burst at any time if damaged. What happens next? The fragments may end up in the laundry drum, pierce the tank, and damage other components.

Why does sunroof glass break or crack? The most common reasons are:

  • Incorrect installation, when something often hits or touches the washing machine door,
  • Exceeding drum loading standards. Most often this happens because this parameter is neglected, not considering overload a serious violation,
  • Solid objects, especially those made of metal, get into the drum. For example, a coin can get extremely high speed when rotating a centrifuge, so that it can easily break through glass,
  • Drum malfunction. If the connection that holds it in place breaks, the rotation becomes uncontrollable and the laundry begins to press hard on the hatch,
  • Manufacturing defect. To avoid encountering a similar problem, you should inspect the glass when purchasing a washing machine. Scratches and bubbles on it should alert you. It is better to change such a device.

Some of the reasons given do not depend on the owner of the car. But the rest are preventable. It is enough to follow the rules for operating the equipment.

Where can I quickly buy a new part?

Many online stores sell glass for washing machine hatches. Placing an order does not take much time, but delivery sometimes takes a long time - up to several weeks. This is not very convenient, since you will not be able to use the equipment while you are waiting for the part; you will have to wash the laundry by hand or take it to the laundromat.

For residents of large cities where there are stores that specialize in selling spare parts for washing machines, there is a simpler and faster solution. They can purchase the part from such a store. Experts advise when going for new glass, it is better to take the old one with you so that consultants can select the appropriate spare part. Parts for common brands and models of washing machines are usually always on sale.