How to replace the heating element in the washing machine

How to replace the heating element in the washing machine

The heating element in the washing machine is a consumable part. Breaking it shouldn't be a problem. You can replace the heating element yourself. However, before proceeding with the repair, it is necessary to purchase a suitable replacement. The range of such products is quite extensive. Especially carefully you need to choose a heating element for the washing machine.

Why does the heating element break,

The heating element has its own specific service life. The influence of certain negative factors can significantly reduce it:

  1. Water quality,
  2. Tension problems,
  3. Incorrect operation of the washing machine.

In most cases, the heating elements cover with a thick layer of scale. Then, of course, you can use special filters and powders, but the process is still inevitable. The scale will still form, leading to the product's breakage.

Some factors directly indicate that the heater is out of order:

  1. Water is not heated,
  2. The machine stops washing prematurely,
  3. The smell of burning,
  4. The washer is energized.

Each model has a heating element located in a specific place. In some cases, getting close to him is easy. However, it is often necessary to completely disassemble the equipment to replace it.

How to choose a suitable heating element

It is necessary to determine the following characteristics:

  1. Power,
  2. Manufacturer,
  3. Seat,
  4. Coating,
  5. The form.

First, you need to decide on a seat. All modern manufacturers of washing machines are trying to adhere to a single standard. The exception is old cars. In this case, it is better to pre-parse to make a visual comparison.

The power indicator does not play a key role. The higher the power, the faster the water will heat up. However, given the volume of heated water, it is difficult to feel the difference.

Be sure to pay attention to the pump for the washing machine and the presence of a collar. If the old model had it but purchased without it, you may encounter a particular problem. In the process of washing, the heating element can fall out of the tank. The coverage doesn't matter. Ceramic or other coatings may increase the service life.

Also, be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer of the product. Preference should be given to branded products from leading manufacturers. They have much higher quality, so the service life is long.