How to replace a washing machine pulley

How to replace a washing machine pulley

The desire to replace a washing machine drum pulley may appear when the part has ceased to perform its main function. Despite its apparent simplicity, this part is difficult to remove, even if a professional works. Beginners even have to spend a long time dismantling this part. Our instructions will help you replace the washing machine pulley and avoid various problems.

Let's prepare the machine for repair

First, let's find out what a pulley is and what it is needed for. This device acts as a wheel, which is attached with a special bolt to the drum shaft. There is also a washing machine motor pulley. These elements work in conjunction: thanks to the drive belt, one pulley rotates the other, and thus washing occurs. Based on this, it is clear that in case of any malfunction, the machine simply will not work.

If such a situation does occur, you will need to prepare the washing machine for repair. This is a simple step, but you can't skip it. First you will need to turn off the valve responsible for the water supply. If the machine has a separate valve, we close it, but if not, we use a common valve on the riser with cold water and close it.

Then we de-energize the machine, disconnecting it from the power supply. We disconnect the drain and inlet hoses and move the unit so that it is convenient to work with it. For free access to the washing machine, you can move it to the middle of the room. Then we proceed as follows:

  • Arm yourself with a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew the screws on the back wall of the machine body,
  • Remove the wall, thereby giving yourself access to the drum pulley,
  • Remove the drive belt.

In order to remove the belt, you need to pull it towards yourself and at the same time turn the pulley. After this, you will need to feel the drive belt and inspect it for abrasions. You can also check the pulley. Often the fasteners are loose, and this causes a malfunction.

Removing the bolt

If the bolt holding the motor pulley is not damaged, replacing the pulley will not be difficult. You just need to select the appropriate size wrench, put it on the head and turn it counterclockwise. However, there is one important point - it will be necessary to slow down the part with a wooden block.

If there is moisture inside the bushing, the bolt threads may corrode and unscrewing will be difficult. It also happens: the manufacturer applied a special lubricant to the bolt threads, which also caused difficulties when unscrewing. As a result, the master has to put more effort on the key in an attempt to overcome the resistance of the fastener, but in the end only the “star” breaks off. We will tell you what to do in such a situation later, but for now let’s talk about what tools can be used to unscrew pulley screws on different machines.

On an Indesit washing machine you have to use a star key. It's quite easy to break the edges here. You will have to resort to using the emergency method of unscrewing the fasteners.

For Samsung machines, everything is a little simpler. The pulley is secured with a regular bolt, which can be easily unscrewed using a 17mm socket. If necessary, you can use an open-end wrench of the same size or an adjustable wrench.

But on a Candy washing machine you won’t be able to remove the bolt without a star key. It’s just as easy to tear off the edges here as on the Indesit washing machine. We'll have to use the emergency method.

Can't remove screw

When the head is damaged, it is much more difficult to deal with, because the key has nothing to catch on. In such a situation, you need to treat the bolt with WD-40 cleaner and wait 15-20 minutes.

Then we use a chisel and a hammer and make a notch on the head. It will be enough to pierce the metal to a depth of 1-1.5 mm. After this, we insert the chisel horizontally into the hole and, using a hammer, try to unscrew the mechanism counterclockwise.

Sometimes, unable to handle the chisel, some craftsmen cut off part of the bolt head so that they can hook it with a regular adjustable wrench. Or they heat the bolt head with a gas burner. However, this method is not always effective, so it is recommended to simply work patiently with a chisel.

The pulley cannot be removed even without a bolt

Sometimes there is a completely hopeless situation. The pulley sticks to the bushing so that a chisel and a hammer do not help. This occurs due to rust or deformation of the wheel. To quickly remove scale, you need to use WD-40 cleaner. We proceed as follows:

  • We ask a friend to hold the drum, and we ourselves take the pulley with both hands and try to unscrew the wheel,
  • We begin to loosen the pulley, pulling the wheel off the tank,
  • At the same time, we treat the joints with the product every 15-20 minutes.

If you still can't get the pulley out, you'll have to knock it out. It is important to avoid metal tools here because there is a chance of damaging the bushing and making the problem worse. For such a task, a shovel handle, pointed at one end, is better suited: the tip will need to be directed to the middle of the wheel, after which the wood should be tapped with a hammer. You need to hit hard and accurately. Be patient - you will have to wait until the part gives in and pops out.

When the repair is completed, do not rush to return the pulley - first prepare a seat for it. The already familiar WD-40 will come to your aid. We process it in several stages, clean and lubricate the bushing threads. If we see a damaged bolt, we replace it. We install a new pulley, tighten the bolt, tighten the belt , close the back cover, connect the machine to the communications and check its operation.