How to remove a bra wire from a Bosch washing machine?

How to remove a bra wire from a Bosch washing machine?

Equipment manufacturers strongly recommend that users check pockets before loading items into the drum. This warning is not in vain - a small object, be it a paper clip, a nail, or a button, which gets inside the washing machine can seriously damage the equipment. Housewives often ask the question: how to get a bra wire out of a Bosch machine? Indeed, the bra element sometimes “pops out” and gets stuck in the machine. Let us figure out how to remove a sharp and unsafe object from the outside.

Why is this so scary?

The metal bone from the bodice is the worst enemy of automatic machines. Climbing out during washing, it easily slips through the holes in the drum and gets stuck in the tank. Some users are not entirely clear why this situation is extremely dangerous. An ordinary bra wire can easily pierce the wall of the tank. If, during high-speed rotation of the drum, it stands “across,” then damage to the container cannot be avoided.

Even a small hole in the tank is a serious defect. The machine will start leaking every time you wash it, so you cannot delay repairs. It will be necessary to disassemble the washer and “patch” the hole.

Additionally, the metal arc may become stuck between the heating element and the drum. When the unit operates at high speeds, the bone will easily damage the heating element, and the heater will need to be replaced.

Another proof of the danger of a part falling out of a bra - it may not fall into the tank, but may remain in the drum, and at the same time pierce the rubber seal. The hatch cuff will not be able to ensure the tightness of the system, and the washer will begin to leak.

How can you guess that the metal arm is inside the washing machine? Firstly, you should carefully inspect your underwear to make sure that the “holders” are in place. If a loss is discovered, carefully inspect the internal capacity of the machine. Sometimes a dropped object can be seen in the tank, through holes on the surface of the drum.

Secondly, watch the Bosch machine in action. If a foreign object falls into the tank, the washer will grind. The noise will be especially obvious if the bone interferes with the rotation of the moving elements of the unit.

Minimal disassembly of the unit will help.

What to do if you are sure that the bone remains in the machine? What to do first? Inspect the drum, you may be lucky, and the foreign object is there. Having found the metal arc, check whether it has pierced the door cuff (the elastic band that surrounds the hatch). It is much worse if the element from the bra fell into the tank. But even in this case, there is no need to panic. You can remove the bra wire yourself.

There are ways to remove foreign objects without disassembling the SMA, which involve partial removal of the elements of the machine. The first methods are used by technicians, as they have the necessary training and skill. We will analyse the options associated with partial disassembly of the case.

Before starting work, be sure to turn off the power to the washing machine and close the shut-off valve. The first method involves removing an object through the hole of the heating element. For Bosch washing machines, the heater is located at the front, so you will have to remove the front panel of the case. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Drain the remaining water from the tank through the drain filter,
  • Remove the detergent dispenser,
  • Unscrew the bolts hidden behind the powder receptacle,
  • Unscrew the screws securing the control panel,
  • Carefully remove the panel with buttons so as not to damage the latches and wiring,
  • Remove the outer clamp of the sealing cuff of the hatch,
  • Insert the rubber band into the drum,
  • Unscrew the bolts securing the front wall of the case,
  • Carefully remove the panel without damaging the wiring of the device blocking the hatch,
  • Take a photograph of the connection diagram of the contacts to the heating element,
  • Disconnect the wires from the heater, loosen the central nut holding the heating element,
  • Push the pin inward,
  • Pull out the heating element by gently rocking it,
  • Reach in and remove foreign objects from the bottom of the tank.

If the bra strap is lost not in the tank, but in the drainpipe, you should act differently. You will have to disconnect and clean the drainage system element. In all Bosch machines, it is easy to get to the pipe through the bottom. The instructions will be as follows:

  • Move the washing machine to a free area in the room; you will need a lot of space for work,
  • Remove the detergent tray,
  • Cover the floor with a blanket, lay the machine on its side,
  • Remove the bottom of the machine (in some models it is secured with latches, in others - with self-tapping screws),
  • Disconnect the drainpipe coming from the tank to the pump. To do this, you need to loosen the clamps securing it,
  • Clean the tube, remove stuck objects from it,
  • Fasten the pipe back,
  • Fix the bottom of the MCA.

Afterwards the machine is placed on its feet. The drain pump may interfere with removing the pipe. Then you will have to pull the pump out of the housing, having first disconnected the sensor from it, and only then work with the hose.

We do without disassembly.

If you are afraid that you will not be able to cope with disassembling the Bosch SMA, you can try to remove the bra wire without doing this. You need to arm yourself with a flashlight, a thin wire with a special bend at the end, and plenty of time. You need to open the door wide and put the flashlight in the drum so that the light penetrates through the holes on the surface directly into the tank.

Afterwards, you should stick your head into the hatch and, looking inside, use your eyes to find the missing bone from the bodice. When this is successful, you need to insert the wire through the hole in the drum and try with all you might to catch the lost thing. A beginner will need at least half an hour for such fishing.

When you can pick up the bone, you need to carefully rotate the drum so that it stands vertically. Then, by rotating the container, you should ensure that the tip of the bra bow “fits” into one of the holes on the surface. Then all that remains is to grab it with pliers and pull it out. Please note that it is quite difficult to handle the wire, rotate the drum and pick up the tool with your head in the washer alone. Therefore, it is advisable to have an assistant on hand.

How to prevent the problem?

It is easier to prevent a problem than to solve it later. Therefore, it is better to make sure that no bone, paper clip, or pin gets into the drum. Be sure to check the pockets of your clothes before loading them into the washing machine, this will help prevent foreign objects from getting inside. However, even knowing about this elementary rule, many, rarely, forget to follow it.

To be honest, it is better to wash women's bras and panties by hand. “Scrolling” in the machine will quickly ruin things. White linen is especially susceptible to wear and tear. But when washing in a machine cannot be avoided, put the sets in a special bag and then load them into the drum. This measure will help maintain the shape of the cups of the bodice and prevent the bones from “popping out” into the washing machine.

Laundry bags, containers and nets helped solve the problem of unnecessary items getting into the tank of Bosch machines. By following a simple rule, there will be no more questions about what to do to remove the bone from the bowels of the washer.