How to protect home appliances from a sudden power outage

How to protect home appliances from a sudden power outage

Electricity can go out at any moment. But a sudden shutdown spoils home appliance. How to protect equipment from power failures, so it does not burn out - see our material.

How to protect your appliances from power outages

The quality of the mains' power supply significantly impacts the life of household appliances. It happened to you that a kettle or other devices burned out after a sudden blackout.

Protect equipment from power surges. It is better to purchase special devices:

  1. Relay for household appliances. That is a protective mechanism that disconnects devices from the network if it is unstable—and then connects them back when the situation returns to normal. The relay is best suited for refrigerators, washing machines and televisions.
  2. Stabilizer. It operates on a similar principle - it controls the voltage level and stabilizes its surges, preventing damage to electrical appliances.
  3. Uninterruptible power supplies. They often protect digital devices with a printed circuit board with radio components - laptops, TVs, computers, etc.
  4. Smart sockets. You can control them even from a distance. They can turn off the power according to the schedule and hold the power consumption. Using them in combination with the above devices is better because they only minimize possible damage.
  5. A generator is an option for those who live in a private home. Those with auto start turn on themselves when there is no electricity.

If there is no opportunity to purchase something from the list, turn off all appliances from outlets you do not use—for example, microwave, kettle, toaster, etc. Switch off the machine immediately after cooking or reheating.

Or if you only watch TV in the bedroom, unplug the one in the other room. Every appliance connected to an unstable network can burn out, so it's best not to risk household appliances.

Important: if you turn off the fuses, turn off all appliances from the sockets before turning them back on.

How a power outage affects the refrigerator

The essential household appliance for many is the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the products in it may deteriorate due to sudden power outages. On average, consumers are advised to focus on such periods (if the doors of the refrigerator and freezer remain closed):

  1. Up to four hours - for food in the fridge.
  2. Forty-eight hours - in a full freezer.
  3. Twenty-four hours - in a half-empty freezer.

If there is no electricity for more than four hours, we advise you to put ice in the refrigerator for food. To do this, purchase several refrigeration elements (dry or block ice) in advance.

You can eat food from a de-energized refrigerator if it is fresh, smells good and has no external changes. If the shutdown is short, they could consume dairy products, eggs, and meat.

To keep food as long as possible, try not to open the refrigerator unnecessarily. Instead, fill your freezer with food or refrigerants to keep the space cold longer and prevent food from spoiling.