How to open the door of a Bosch washing machine?

How to open the door of a Bosch washing machine?

If the washing machine blocks the hatch after the end of the cycle and does not “give away” the clothes, homemakers begin to panic. It is not difficult to understand them: laundry is in jeopardy, time drags on, and household chores are not done. But there is no tragedy - the situation is normal and easily resolved. You just need to figure out how to open the locked door of a Bosch washing machine and what you need for this. Step-by-step instructions and recommendations will help with this.

Why does the machine do this?

  • A Bosch washing machine may not open for many reasons. It is interesting that the “culprits” for the blockage that occurred are not only the locking mechanism, but also other system malfunctions. So, at least five problems lead to an unyielding door.
  • Untriggered UBL. The hatch locking device rarely fails; more often, users are simply in a hurry. It is worth understanding that the electronic lock automatically opens 1-3 minutes after the cycle is completed. You need to wait and try again.
  • System failure. It is possible that a technical “glitch” occurred due to power surges, power outages, or problems with water pressure. The control board got lost in the program and did not give the command to remove the UBL.
  • Damage to the locking mechanism. If managed carelessly, the lock may break. As a rule, only replacing the device helps.
  • There is a blockage in the drain hose. If there is a failure in the drain system, the drum does not empty, so the control board does not command the door to unlock.
  • Working dashboard lock. When the so-called child lock is activated, the door cannot be opened.

The user can solve most of these problems on his own. You just need to look at the factory instructions, use logical thinking and take your time. The recommendations described below will help you cope with emergency opening of the hatch.

The hatch is closed, but the program has long ended.

If Bosch slows down when opening the door, then there is no need to panic. It is better to first check whether the breakdown is serious. We remember that in addition to the mechanical lock, the washing machine has an electronic one, which operates automatically. Until the board verifies that the drum is empty, the security lock will not be released. After completing the cycle, the washing machine needs to think for 1-3 minutes.

Another understandable and harmless reason for the UBL not working is a technical failure. The control board of the washing machine is sensitive to power surges, so sudden current changes or a minute-long power outage led to the system freezing. In this case, you need to turn off the power to the machine and wait 20-30 minutes. During this time, the error will be reset, and the hatch will open.

However, there is no point in waiting and reloading the washing machine when the machine’s tank is full of water. If the drum is not empty at the end of the program, then the breakdown that has occurred is more serious and will require advanced diagnostics and appropriate repairs. In this case, the hatch is opened forcibly and with proper preparation.

Panel is locked.

The Child Lock option also prevents the machine from opening. This function protects the dashboard from accidentally pressing buttons and swinging the hatch door open. The protection is activated by holding down two keys, the names of which depend on the model of the washing machine. You can see what exactly needs to be clamped in the factory instructions.

To disable the lock, you need to press the two found buttons for 20-30 seconds. The LEDs on the panel will blink, indicating that the mode is deactivated.

We remind you that the door can only be opened on an empty washing machine. If the drum is full, then you need to act according to a different scheme. We invite you to learn all the safe and effective measures.

Tank is full of water.

If 2-3 minutes have passed after the completion of the cycle, and the water has not drained from the tank, then proceed differently. First, turn on the “Spin” or “Rinse” mode and look at the behaviour of the machine. At the end of the program, the drum should be empty, otherwise you need to check the drainage. The drain hose is clogged, and the hose should be cleaned before repeating the procedure.

When the automatic drain does not turn on, you will have to force it. This is done through the emergency door opening cable, which is present on every Bosch machine. Most often, the emergency cord is located at the bottom of the case, next to the garbage filter. The device is easy to detect it is painted bright red or orange. It is enough to pull it and remove the UBL.

In some cases, the cable cannot be found. This is not scary since you can open the hatch in another way. It is necessary to disconnect the machine from the power supply and water supply, and then remove the top cover from the washing machine. Next, we tilt the household appliances back so that the drum “moves away” from the door. A gap will appear through which it is easier to access the locking mechanism. Then we find the locking tab and move it. It is better not to act alone, but to call on an extra pair of hands for help.


The factory instructions often prescribe individual schemes for removing mechanical and electronic locks. Each model has its own emergency measures that will make the task of opening the machine easier.

The handle mechanism does not work.

If the reason for the locked machine is a faulty lock or it still breaks when trying to open the door, then the algorithm of actions will change. You can deal with the blockage; you just need to find a lace or rope. The instructions are:

  • We find a rope up to 5 mm thick and a length equal to the diameter of the hatch plus 25 cm,
  • We stretch the cord between the body and the door (if you cannot push it manually, you should use a slotted screwdriver or a spatula),
  • Pull both ends at once until the lock opens.

The method with a spoon also helps a lot. You need to take the cutlery and try to fit the flat part into the gap between the handle and the body. If you try, the piece of iron will move the locking hook and the hatch will open.

If you find a locked door, do not panic. It is much more effective to rule out trivial reasons and try to open the machine on your own. If the described methods do not help, contact the service center.