How to open the candy washing machine door if the handle is broken?

How to open the candy washing machine door if the handle is broken?

In Candy front-loading washing machines, the handle is made of low-quality plastic. For this reason, the part often breaks. To repair it, you must first somehow open the hatch without leaving scratches on the surface of the device. Let us figure out how to open a Candy washing machine with a broken handle and how you can replace it with a new one.

Options for opening the machine.

If the door handle is broken, removing it is quite simple. You should not resort to such radical methods as picking out the part with a screwdriver, awl, or other sharp objects. Let us consider effective and safe manipulations for technology.

The first method involves using fishing line or thin nylon rope. You should take a flat-head screwdriver and carefully thread the rope into the space between the door and the body of the device. Then you need to grab the ends of the rope and drag the line under the hatch. You need to pull the ends of the rope firmly and the mechanism will open.

There is another option, which is the simplest. It is enough to carefully study the provisions of the annotation for household appliances. Some front-loading models have a special lever for emergency door opening. Most often, the part is placed next to the garbage filter. You need to pull this lever, and the hatch will immediately swing open.

If there is no fishing line at home, and the machine does not have a special lever, you can open the door through the top plastic panel of the device. It is worth disconnecting the equipment from the power supply. Then the top cover is removed. A small gap can be seen at the front of the case between the front wall and the top counterweight. You need to stick your hand into it and get to the door closing mechanism.

Let us remove the broken handle.

After the door of the Candy washing machine has been successfully opened, you need to fix the immediate problem. It is unlikely that you will be able to repair a broken piece of plastic. In most cases, this cannot be done, so the only correct solution is to completely replace the part.

First, you need to unfasten the broken element by performing a series of simple steps. It is recommended to take a screwdriver, open the door wide and unscrew the two screws that hold the entire mechanism. The hatch is laid face down on the floor, then you should unscrew all the screws located around the circumference. It is better to immediately take a photograph of the door glass in an unassembled form to remember how the parts were located. Otherwise, additional difficulties may arise later.

The hatch can be disassembled into two parts. The glass is set aside, after which it is important to photograph the inside of the door, otherwise you will have to remember the location of all the elements. Carefully remove the hook, spring, pin of the broken handle and discard it. These parts will no longer be needed.

The owner of the machine may have difficulty removing the pin. To get it, you need to pick up the element with a sharp, hard object (screw, awl). If the pin is very difficult to get out, you need to drop a little WD-40 liquid solution on it.

We install a new part.

New plastic handles are sold with a pin, spring, and hook. For proper installation of the handle, you should use the instructions and photographs taken in advance. The pin is the most difficult to install since it must be threaded into all the necessary grooves. The task is simplified if you help yourself with pliers.

After installation, you need to check whether the handle functions properly. It should be springy but pressed without significant effort. If the mechanism has difficulty returning to its original position or does not work at all, you need to reinstall the handle again, repeating all the manipulations listed above. When everything works correctly, you can attach the door in place.