How to open a jammed door on a washing machine?

How to open a jammed door on a washing machine?

If the washing machine door suddenly becomes jammed, there is no need to open it by force. Otherwise, you can literally tear out the plastic handle, which will lead to the need to buy new components. It's better to exhale and try to gain access to the drum in a civilized manner. Let's figure out how to open the hatch without harming the “home assistant.”

Preliminary actions

What to do when the car door won’t open easily? First, turn off the power to the washing machine by unplugging the power cord from the outlet. Firstly, this is necessary according to safety regulations, so the “home assistant” will not shock you. Secondly, the hatch locking device, if the voltage supply is not interrupted, will reliably fix the “tongue” of the lock, and the machine will not open.

For the door to open, the bimetallic plates of the lock must cool completely. Therefore, it is possible to open the hatch not immediately after finishing the wash, but after 2-4 minutes. There are breakdowns in which voltage is constantly supplied to the UBL, and the only way to stop this is to disconnect the “home assistant” from the power supply.

After turning off the power to the machine, wait 10-15 minutes. During this time, the plates should cool completely, and the door should unlock. Then, if the hatch cannot be opened in the standard way by grabbing the handle, you will have to resort to unusual methods.

The handle is broken, the mechanism does not work.

How to open an automatic machine if the door handle is clearly broken and is not going to respond to touch? In such a situation, the UBL is triggered, the blocking is removed, but the “tongue” does not come out of the groove, since the operation of the mechanism is disrupted. How to deal with the lock in this case?

The length of the rope should be 25-30 cm greater than the circumference of the hatch. Once the lace is prepared, follow these steps,

  • Insert the rope into the gap between the hatch and the front panel of the car,
  • Push the cord inside using a thin screwdriver or knife (it is important to act carefully so as not to scratch the body of the washer),
  • Stretch the rope perpendicular to the floor,
  • Pull the string on both sides.

Such simple actions will cause the lock to work and the hatch to swing open. When there is no suitable rope, you can use a thin spatula. The tool is also inserted between the door and the body of the machine at the location of the “tongue”. Having found the hook, press on it - the mechanism will work and access to the inside of the drum will be gained.

There are models of machines in which the door is flush with the front wall of the case. Then pushing a rope, or even a thin fishing line, into the gap will be problematic. What to do in such a situation? There is a solution, but it may not be suitable for all machines due to the design features of the UBL. The algorithm will be as follows:

  • Remove the top cover of the washing machine by unscrewing the pair of screws holding it,
  • Find the UBL - it is fixed on the front wall of the case,
  • Using a thin screwdriver, find the entrance to the lock-lock hole from the inside,
  • Using the tip of a screwdriver, feel for the metal “tongue” of the hatch door, which has entered the UBL and is fixed in the device,
  • Move the hook to the side until it clicks.

You may not be able to cope with the task the first time, but after 5-10 attempts, even a layman doing this for the first time will be able to move the “tongue”. It is important not to move the locking bolt, otherwise you will not be able to move the hook. With the correct approach, a characteristic click will be heard, and the door will swing open.

It is better to replace a broken handle so that you do not have problems opening the washing machine in the future. Also, such a curiosity can happen due to damage to the UBL itself. If the reason is in the blocker, then you will have to remove and install a new locking device.