How to open a Bosch washing machine if the handle is broken?

How to open a Bosch washing machine if the handle is broken?

The handle of the Bosch automatic machine is made of plastic, so it must be handled with care. Pressing too hard may cause the handle to break. To repair the mechanism, you will have to open the Bosch washing machine. Let us figure out how to open the hatch door if there is nothing to grab onto? Along the way, we will tell you how to remove the faulty handle and replace it with a new one.

Getting access to the drum

If the hatch handle is broken, you should not try to open the door with a knife, pick it with a screwdriver, or prick it with an awl. These “brutal” actions can lead to damage to the case and the locking mechanism. It is much easier to gain access to the drum by using one of the available methods. Expert mechanic has gotten used to opening washing machines:

  • Spoon,
  • Fishing line,
  • Thin rope,
  • With your own hand.

If it is there, then unlocking the automatic machine will be quite simple. The emergency opening lever is located below, near the drain filter. The user just must pull the lever towards himself, and the drum door will open.

A quite straightforward way to open the hatch of a Bosch washing machine is with a teaspoon. There is a point on the hatch cover where you need to insert the blunt end of the cutlery and apply light pressure. After such a simple manipulation, the washing machine will immediately open. This is the location on the drum door shown in the picture below.

If you cannot do anything with a spoon, and you have a thin cord or fishing line at home, you can use them to open the washer. It is enough to insert one end of the rope between the door and the body from above and use a thin screwdriver to tuck the string into the gap so that its other end is at the bottom of the hatch. Afterwards, you will have to forcefully pull the cord towards yourself, the latch will work, and the machine will swing open.

When none of the above is at hand, and the design does not provide an emergency lever, you can open the door through the top of the machine. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Turn off the power to the Bosch washing machine,
  • Unscrew the bolts securing the top cover of the case and remove it,
  • Tilt the machine towards the wall,
  • Put your hand into the gap between the front panel and the tank, reach for the CMA lock,
  • Feel for the locking tab and slide it to the side.
  • So, there are plenty of available ways to open the drum door. All of them are safe and will not harm wash equipment. Before opening the hatch, be sure to check that there is no water in the tank.

Removing the damaged handle

The next step is to replace the broken handle. It is better not to put this off, because opening the machine after each wash with a spoon or a rope is a dubious pleasure. Repairing the handle is impractical, and sometimes simply impossible, so the only option is to install a new part.


To remove a faulty handle, you should:

  • Open the washing machine hatch wide,
  • Unscrew the two bolts holding the door,
  • Lay the element on the floor, front wall down,
  • Unscrew the screws connecting the halves of the hatch,
  • Take a photograph of the glass and the location of the elements of the locking mechanism (this will help during reassembly),
  • Remove the part without the handle to the side,
  • Remove the pin, spring, and hook of the broken handle.

If the pin comes out quite difficult, it can be treated with WD-40 aerosol. You can push out the metal rod using a nail. At this point, the dismantling of the damaged handle is considered complete.

Returning the door to functionality

It is not difficult to purchase a spare part to repair a Bosch washing machine. You can buy the handle from local stores or online resellers. The new handle consists of a set of separate elements: a plastic part, a spring, a metal pin, and a hook. Based on the previously taken photos, you should assemble the mechanism.

Usually, the assembly does not raise any questions, difficulties may arise when installing the pin, because the rod must fit through each hole. You will have to try, pushing it through gradually.

Then you need to check the design of the handle. The washing machine door handle should spring back, return to its original position without problems, and move easily. When returning to the starting position is difficult, you will have to dismantle the mechanism and reassemble it. If all is well, then you can attach the handle to the hatch, connect its halves, and hang the drum door in place.

When the repair is complete, check the operation of the handle again. Close the hatch and open it several times. Run a test wash to make sure the machine locks the door. If the hatch handle is broken, it is not necessary to resort to the services of specialists to repair the SMA. Even a newbie can handle the replacement. The cost of the handle is low, so there is no point in postponing repairs for later.