How to lubricate the bearing of an Ariston washing machine

How to lubricate the bearing of an Ariston washing machine

If the washing machine starts knocking and humming, although it used to work very quietly, most likely the reason is in the bearing unit. It is better not to put off repairs for a long time. At the initial stage, it will be enough to lubricate the bearing of the Ariston washing machine. Then - more, the rings will break and will need to be completely replaced.

Let's figure out how to process the bearings of an automatic machine. What should be the ideal lubricant? How is the procedure performed?

What should be the ideal lubricant?

It is important to choose a quality product. Lubricant for SMA components is produced by different brands, and the properties of each product differ. What should the lubricant composition be?

  • Moisture resistant. This is a must. The seal protects the bearings and is constantly in contact with water. There is no benefit from lubricant that is easily washed out. The substance must remain on the sealing rubber even after liquid enters the assembly.
  • Heat resistant. The lubricant must maintain its properties at different temperatures. The substance should easily tolerate both contact with hot water and the heating of the shaft during maximum rotation speed of the drum.
  • Non-aggressive. Since the substance is also applied to the oil seal, it should be “harmless” to the rubber and not deform the soft gasket.
  • Thick. This is important because the substance should not leak out of the bearing assembly while the washing machine is running.

Some craftsmen come up with the idea of ​​treating the parts of the washing machine with products like “Litol” or “VMPAUTO”. Automotive lubricants do not have the necessary set of properties, so they cannot be used to repair a washing machine. It is important to purchase a special compound for SMA bearings.

You can also order the composition on the Internet. Typically, professionals recommend the following products:

  • A product from a world-famous company that is a leader in the development of lubricants. This substance meets all the requirements; it is moisture resistant, very thick and resistant to temperature changes. Available in syringes (this form is more convenient for one-time use), as well as in 100-gram jars. Recommended by the manufacturer of Ariston washing machines,
  • Italian composition intended for processing oil seals and SMA bearings. Produced by the MERLONI brand,
  • STABURAGS NBU 12. Another worthy option. The product is based on mineral oil and barium complex soap. It is water resistant and provides additional protection against corrosion,
  • LIQUI MOLY. Product from a German manufacturer. The lubricant is sold in 500 gram tubes and is used for repairing washing machines of any brand,
  • Huskey Lube-O-Seal PTFE Grease. This product is also often used to treat bearings and seals. The composition meets all requirements.

It’s better not to skimp on lubrication. The substance protects the bearing assembly. If the product does not cope with its task, the oil seal and rings will wear out much faster. And replacing bearings and rubber seals is a rather labour-intensive and expensive repair.

We remove the tank together with the drum

Having chosen the composition for processing the bearings, you can get to work. The rings are hidden in the washing machine tub, so you will have to almost completely disassemble the “home assistant”. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Turn off the power to the machine by unplugging the power cord from the outlet,
  • Turn off the shut-off valve, disconnect the washing machine from the water supply and sewerage system,
  • Move the machine to the center of the room - you will need free access to all sides of the case,
  • Remove the top panel of the washing machine (by unscrewing two bolts from the back),
  • Remove the powder cuvette,
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the panel with buttons, disconnect the contacts and remove the “tidy” (it is better to photograph the wiring diagrams so as not to make mistakes during reassembly),
  • Remove the outer collar of the drum cuff (to do this you need to deal with its spring latch),
  • Tuck the protruding ends of the elastic into the drum,
  • Remove the lower false panel of the machine,
  • Unscrew the SMA drain filter,
  • Disconnect the contacts from the hatch locking device,
  • Remove the front wall of the case, removing all the screws that secure it,
  • Disconnect the contacts from the heating element, remove the heater,
  • Disconnect all terminals and pipes from the tank,
  • Unhook the water level sensor along with the wires and fitting,
  • Reset the drive belt,
  • Remove counterweights that will interfere with the removal of the tank,
  • Having dealt with the shock absorbers, remove the tank from the sma body,
  • Lay the assembly on the floor, pulley up,
  • Remove the washing machine engine by unscrewing the bolts that secure it.

You should understand that the work will take more than one hour, especially if you have no experience in repairing washing machines. Further actions are performed with the tank of the machine. The plastic container will have to be halved.

Remove the bearings and fill them with grease

The bearings are hidden inside a plastic container. Washing machines can be equipped with collapsible or non-dismountable tanks. In the first case, it will be quite easy to halve the tank, in the second, you will have to work hard.

It is not difficult to divide a collapsible tank into parts. It is necessary to unscrew the bolts around the perimeter, and, having mastered the latches, halve the container. A non-separable tank will have to be cut with a hacksaw along the factory seam, and after all the work the tank will have to be glued together.

After disassembling the tank, inspect the seal and bearings. When they are in decent condition and the only problem is a lack of lubricant, generously treat the components with the prepared compound. The better the rings are lubricated, the less often it will be necessary to disassemble the “home assistant” for such work.

If wear of the oil seal and bearings is noticeable, it is better to immediately replace the parts. The cost of such components is relatively low. If you simply lubricate the half-broken rings, then after a short time the washer will knock again, and you will have to disassemble the machine again, this time to install new spare parts.

Lubricant is placed under the cap of each bearing, as well as on the inner surface of the oil seal (the part that contacts the bushing). Don’t be afraid to overdo it, it’s much worse if the composition is not enough. After the tank and the washing machine itself are assembled in the reverse order, the test cycle starts.