How to lubricate a bearing on a Candy washing machine

How to lubricate a bearing on a Candy washing machine

When the bearing assembly begins to make unusual sounds during the washing process, this is a sure sign that it will soon fail. To prevent an impending malfunction, it is necessary to respond to such a signal in time. For prevention, it is recommended to partially disassemble the machine, remove the bearings, lubricate them, and then install them back. However, this whole process cannot be called easy, and it takes a considerable amount of time, so it will be better if you try to lubricate the bearing on a Candy washing machine. This will save both time and effort, and we will share with you a method that will help you cope with this task.

The easiest way to fill a bearing with grease

This unusual method is practiced by some craftsmen in their work, and it allows you to lubricate bearings without disassembling the drum of an automatic machine. The main advantage of the method is that restoration work can be carried out without interaction with the tank and other key components of the “home assistant”. To do this you will need:

  • Disconnect equipment from communications,
  • Move the unit away from the wall to make it easier to approach,
  • Unscrew all the screws that hold the back panel of the device,
  • Remove the drive belt,
  • Jam the drum pulley using a metal rod,
  • Unscrew the holding bolt,
  • Pull off the pulley to access the outer bearing,
  • Select a place directly above the bearing and, stepping back from the edge about 7 millimetres, highlight this area with a pencil or marker.

After you have completed the above manipulations, you will need to drill the selected area with a drill with a metal drill 5 millimeters. You need to make a hole in the plastic and in the bearing races. You'll know you've started drilling when you see the characteristic metal shavings. It is extremely important to fill the resulting hole generously with lubricant.

Then you will need to rotate the drum in different directions with your hands about 50 times. This rotation will allow the technical substance to be better distributed inside the bearing assembly. Next, add the product to the hole, only less than the first time. Then we turn the drum again and stop only when the strange sound from the bearings finally disappears. This will be a signal that the part has been completely restored.

It is important to use the correct composition

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to disassemble the tank or not, you will still need high-quality lubricant for the bearing assembly. As a rule, the range of these products is quite large, so it’s easy to make a mistake with the choice. To prevent this from happening, you must pay attention to the main qualities of the product.

  • Water resistance. A seal is placed on the bearings, which rotates quite actively on the shaft. Because of this, water cannot penetrate inside the unit. For this reason, the lubricant on the O-ring should remain as long as possible, and not be washed off with water after a couple of operating cycles.
  • Heat resistance. This quality is important not only because washing machines heat water up to 90 degrees, but also because due to the strong rotation of the drum, the shaft heats up very quickly, and with it the bearings and oil seal. If the technical substance does not have heat resistance, it will simply degrade over time and allow water to get inside the bearing assembly.
  • Non-aggression. When you choose a high-quality and non-aggressive lubricant, it prevents the oil seal from becoming soft. And it prevents it from being too rigid, and therefore leaky.
  • Density. The product must have a thick consistency. This is important so that it does not leak out during washing.

When you select the right lubricant, remember one more important nuance. In this work, you cannot use substances intended for lubricating cars, because they are not suitable for washing machines. Therefore, there is no need to use products like Azmol or Litola-24.

If we talk about any specific brands, it is very difficult to understand them without preparation. As a result, we have compiled a small list of lubricants that have managed to prove themselves worthy. These include the following:

  • AMPLIFON is a waterproof product from Italy from the manufacturer MERLONI;
  • Anderol is a special lubricant recommended by the Indesit brand. In stores it can be found either in 100 gram jars or in special syringes. This volume is designed for two restoration procedures;
  • LIQUI MOLY “Silicon-Fett” is a silicone-based lubricant originally from Germany. Distributed in 50 gram tubes. The price of the product is high, but its use leads to an effective result;
  • Huskey Lube-O-Seal PTFE Grease is another representative of quality technical substances. Well protected from moisture. Works great on bearing units.

All of the listed products can be safely purchased for self-repair of “home helpers”. Take only high-quality lubricant and follow our instructions. If you don’t want to drill anything, then partially disassemble your washing machine.