How to fix washing machine drain hose?

How to fix washing machine drain hose?

If there is a store near the house with accessories for a washing machine, then trying to patch up a torn drain hose is useless - it is safer to buy a whole one. A new corrugation will cost 100-200 rupees. and eliminates the need to risk and waste time. When it is not possible to replace a damaged sleeve, we act differently. Sometimes the only option is to temporarily seal the drain hose of the washing machine. Let's figure out how to do this quickly and without

How to seal a hole in a hose securely?

There are several ways to fix the drain hose of the washing machine on the Internet, but not all of them are really reliable. So, often amateur craftsmen advise a simple option - to seal the crack with electrical tape. It is necessary to wrap not only the hole itself, but also 10 cm to both sides of it, in several layers, not sparing the adhesive tape.

It is difficult to judge whether the tape method is reliable: it all depends on the size of the crack, the quality of the tape and the applied effort. In any case, professional masters offer a more durable option fix a plastic tube in a torn hose with your own hands. The instruction is as follows:

  1. Prepare two steel clamps and a pipe (the latter should have a length of 8 cm and a diameter commensurate with the existing drain hose),
  2. Find a crack in the corrugation,
  3. Cut the sleeve in the damaged area, opening access to the "insides", but not cutting completely,
  4. Liberally lubricate the prepared tube with sealant,
  5. Insert the tube first into one half of the corrugation, then into the other (it is desirable that the cut is in the middle),
  6. Feel the hose and find both ends of the inserted tube,
  7. Secure the clamps at both ends of the tube over the hose.

If the corrugated hose is repaired in this way, the patch will last for several years. The water drained from the machine will pass through the tube, bypassing the torn place. This will prevent leakage. There is only one "minus" - the section between the clamps will not bend.

How to make a replacement?

Experts recommend using the hose repair as a temporary measure, and as soon as possible remove the old hose and replace it with a new one. Replacing the corrugation is quick and easy, especially if the washing machine does not have a pallet. The main thing is to act carefully and not deviate from the instructions. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Prepare screwdrivers (slotted and cross), pliers, a container for collecting water and a rag,
  2. De-energize the machine and disconnect from the water supply,
  3. Drain the water remaining in the tank by unscrewing the trash filter or activating the emergency drain hose,
  4. Move the washer away from the wall by 1-1.5 meters,
  5. Cover the space around the body with a rag (dirty water will leak out during repairs),
  6. Tilt the machine back so that the front legs rise as high as possible (ideally, lower the washer on the right side),
  7. Find where the drain hose connects to the drain pump,
  8. Loosen the clamping hose clamp,
  9. Detach the hose from the snail,
  10. Pull the corrugation out of the body,
  11. Take a new hose and pull it over the pump fitting,
  12. Tighten with a clamp,
  13. Fix the hose to the body,
  14. Return the washing machine to its original position.