How to fix the programmer of a washing machine

How to fix the programmer of a washing machine

A program switch knob is provided on the automatic machine's tidy. With its help, users select the desired washing algorithms. This complex mechanism activates different modes, starting the spin cycle, draining, and rinsing.

If the switch selector breaks, it becomes unrealistic to use the machine. In most cases, you can repair the washing machine programmer independently. We will tell you what parts the device consists of and how to fix it.

What parts does the programmer consist of?

Having decided to repair the program switch selector independently, you must find out what parts the device is assembled from. The mechanism includes the following elements:

  • Motor,
  • Fee,
  • Contacts,
  • Gears,
  • Reducer,
  • Cams (these are special protrusions and recesses that activate the synchro motor).

Mechanical (hybrid) program selectors are considered the most reliable. They break extremely rarely. If necessary, they are easier and cheaper to repair. Electronic parts are more modern, but more often, they become unusable as they react sharply to power surges.

We repair the item.

First, you need to dismantle the programmer and disassemble it. The main difficulty is that there are many types of selectors. Even on machines of the same brand, they differ. And each device has its characteristics.

We will explain how to disassemble the Ariston CMA programmer. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • De-energize the automatic machine,
  • Remove the command device from the device, having coped with the fasteners,
  • Find the latches pressing the back wall of the device,
  • Pry the latches and remove the cover of the programmer case. Be careful. Small springs are hidden under it, which can scatter and get confusing,
  • Carefully remove the board hidden under the programmer's cover,
  • Dismantle the largest gear located in the center,
  • See if the rubbish has clogged into small gears. Often the reason for the inoperability of the programmer has just clogged asterisks,
  • Inspect the board and look for traces of soot on it. If the semiconductors or tracks are damaged, you must arm yourself with a soldering iron.

It happens that there is no visible damage inside the selector. Then, you can check the performance of the CMA programmer using a multimeter. Attach the probes to the board contacts and measure the resistance between them.

  • If the readings are normal, you need to disassemble the device further. Do the following:
  • Pull out all the gears,
  • Remove the selector motor core,
  • Evaluate whether there are any defects in the extracted elements,
  • Wipe the contacts of the parts with alcohol,
  • Assemble the programmer back.

Owners of Bosch or Siemens machines should wait to start repairing the part with their own hands. For example, German washing machine programmers have a complex device based on several plates compressed in pairs. During disassembly, these plates fly apart, and it is difficult to restore the structure later. In this case, it is more expedient to entrust the matter to the specialists of the service center.

But even German programmers are considered trifle compared to the devices that the Scandinavian Gorenje and Haier washers are equipped with. Manufacturers put selectors with a soldered control board. Only a master who works perfectly with a thin soldering iron can fix them.

Specialists rarely agree to repair the selectors for switching programs on Gorenje and Haier machines. Therefore, in this case, it is more practical to buy and install a working programmer. When choosing a device, consider the model of your washing machine.

Why does the part break?

Finding out that the programmer is out of order is quite simple. For example, the device is faulty if you turn the selector knob, and the machine does not switch washing modes. Other signs of damage may also include:

  • The washer does not turn on. Of course, there may be several reasons for this, but if there are no problems with the power supply, then the matter is either in the control board or in the programmer itself,
  • During washing, the algorithm goes astray, and the cycle duration increases or decreases,
  • After turning on the machine, the indication on the dashboard flashes randomly.

Mechanical command devices are very reliable. Usually, they work uninterruptedly throughout the entire life of the automatic machine: both 10 and 20 years. The main reason for the breakdown of hybrid programmers is the careless handling of washing equipment. For example, if you twist and pull the handle with force in different directions, it will easily be damaged.

The main reason for the breakdown of electronic programmers is voltage drops in the mains. Also, often a malfunction of such devices is provoked by moisture that has fallen on the board. And, of course, we cannot rule out a manufacturing defect.

Most often, you can fix the programmer yourself. For example, this applies to devices installed on Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and IFB washing machines. However, it is better to entrust the repair of command devices of Miele and Siemens machines to specialists. And it is more expedient to immediately replace the selectors of the Swedish and Slovenian Gorenje and Haier assault rifles with new ones.