How to drain water from an LG washing machine?

How to drain water from an LG washing machine?

It happens that the LG washing machine stops exactly during the washing process. Added to this trouble is the fact that restarting and other actions do not have any result. Of course, the first thing that worries the user in such a situation is: how to get the laundry, because the hatch stubbornly won’t open? In fact, in such a situation, you simply need to drain the water from the LG washing machine.

Special method from the manufacturer

Manufacturers of washing machines have carefully thought through everything and have provided a special element with which you can easily drain the water from the drum in the event of an accident; this is even written in the instructions. It is called a drain hose. The element is located at the bottom of the washing machine, in the front, in the right corner.  If you open the door and look for the filter with your eyes, it is easy to spot the tip of the hose, covered with a special pimp. Grasp the hose and pull it out to the maximum, place an empty volume container under it and open the plug.

This method is considered proven and recommended, as it was developed by specialists. However, remember that there should be no blockages in the snail, otherwise even after uncorking the hose, the water will not find a way out.

Garbage filter

The drain pump is reliably protected in LG washing machines by a special filter that prevents small particles of debris from entering the device. The filter is located next to the drain hose at the front bottom of the CM. This part can also be used to empty the drum in case of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Disconnect the unit from the power supply.
  • Stock up on plenty of rags and rags and place them in a pile next to the washing machine.
  • Tilt the machine forward and support it from behind with some kind of block so that it takes a stable position.
  • Take some rags and cover the drain filter with them.
  • Open the filter cap slightly to allow water to flow out. When the rags have absorbed as much as possible, reinsert the stopper and wring out the rags. Do this until the drum is completely empty.

It is worth saying that this method will take a lot of effort and time, but it is also reliable and can rarely cause side effects. The main thing is to do everything carefully and make sure that the washer stands firmly in an inclined position.

If there is little water inside

If you can open the door without any problems, then draining the water is as easy as shelling pears - just scoop it out by hand. You can do things a little differently. In terms of time, it may be faster, but to carry out the operation you need to apply physical force. So, just open the washer door, place a basin or pan under it, then tilt the machine forward.


If none of the methods work, and you can’t open the car, there is another option to try to “crack” the lock on the hatch door. To do this, stock up on wire or thin cord. Insert it into the space between the body and the door and pick up the locking device. After this, the hatch should open.

Method of disassembling the machine

As a last resort, try removing the back panel of the washing machine. Place a container or a rag under the nozzle. Remove the pump and pipe connector. After this, disconnect the pipe and wait until the water completely pours out of the hatch. You may need to clean the hole first.

If your washing machine breaks down, it is better to consult a specialist. It is better not to disassemble the unit if the warranty period for the equipment has not yet expired. You need to find the warranty card and call the service center.