How to drain water from a Zanussi washing machine?

How to drain water from a Zanussi washing machine?

No one is safe from a sudden freezing of the machine during the washing process. The washing machine may stop with a full tank and stop responding to user commands. The laundry will remain not only unwashed, but also inaccessible - in the water and in a closed drum. This behaviour of the equipment is not a reason to panic you just need to drain the water from the Zanussi washing machine and try to fix the problem. We will tell you in more detail what to do.

Let us use the reset.

If the washing machine breaks down while the cycle is running, the stop will occur suddenly and with a full drum. The first step is to drain the water from the machine. The best way to do this is by hardware - turn on the appropriate program and wait for it to complete. But more often Zanussi freezes “tightly” and does not respond to button presses. In this case, forced drainage will help.

We are talking about a “drainer” - a hose or emergency drain plug. This element is located behind the false panel in the lower right corner of the case. It is enough to pry up the hatch door with a screwdriver, release the latches and find a red or orange cord next to the garbage filter. Next, we proceed like this:

  • Tilt the machine back, leaning it on the wall,
  • Place a basin or other container under the hose to collect water,
  • Cover the surrounding area with rags,
  • Pull the plug, starting the emergency drain.

One basin will not be enough. In this case, the hose returns to the closed position, the container is overturned, placed under the filter, and everything starts again. Actions continue until the drum is completely empty.

This emergency drain option is recommended by manufacturers as the most proven and safest for the machine. The main thing is that the reason Zanussi stops with a full tank does not lie in a clogged drainage system. In this case, the water simply will not leave the drum.

Drain sleeve.

You can easily and quickly organize a forced emergency drain through a drainage hose. You just must disconnect the hose from the sewer, pipe, or siphon, and place it on the floor so that it is located below the bottom of the tank. The free end of the corrugation is placed in a container, after which water will flow out of the machine on its own.

Draining through a hose is considered safe and easy, but it does not work on all washing machines. Many modern Zanussi models include a special check valve or loop in the drainage system that prevents the spontaneous release of water from the tank. In this case, you will have to choose alternative options for emptying the drum.

Through a fluff filter

The third, safe option for emergency drainage is to unscrew the garbage filter. This is a spiral-shaped plastic nozzle that protects the pump, volute and impeller from debris that gets into the machine. Dirty water from the drum, on its way to the sewer, always passes through the “garbage bin,” and all the hair and threads floating in it settle on it. To empty your Zanussi through the waste filter you need to:

  • Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply and water supply,
  • Pry up the technical hatch door, disconnect it from the body and expose the “trash bin” - a black round plug,
  • Cover the space around with rags and oilcloth,
  • Tilt the washing machine forward, placing a block or basin behind it,
  • Place a container under the plug,
  • Carefully unscrew the garbage nozzle and collect the water.

There is no need to sharply pull the nozzle out of the body - the stream will be too strong. It is better to gradually unscrew the filter, adapting to the flow of water. After draining, do not rush to insert the “spiral” back: it is recommended to first clean the plastic and its seat.