How to drain water from a Candy washing machine

How to drain water from a Candy washing machine

If it so happens that the washing machine breaks down during the washing process, then first of all you need to get rid of the waste liquid. This is very important, because if you don’t drain the water from the Candy washing machine, you won’t be able to start diagnostics and repairs, so first we remove the water from the system. This will also help to avoid damage to the floor covering as a result of a kind of flood, as well as a short circuit, which is extremely dangerous not only for equipment, but also for family members. We’ll tell you how to get rid of water in your “home assistant” with your own hands.

How can you rid your machine of water?

The easiest and safest way to empty the washing machine yourself is to use a mode specially designed for this, called “Drain/Spin”. It is very easy to turn on - move the programmer to the position with the corresponding designation, turn off the spin with the “No spin” key, and then activate the work cycle with the “Start/Pause” key.

If your device suffered from a one-time failure and therefore does not respond to commands, then you will not be able to empty the container so easily. In such a situation, you will need forced drainage of the waste fluid. How exactly can this be accomplished?

  • Use a drainage hose to let the water come out on its own.
  • Through a drainage filter, which must first be unscrewed.
  • Through the pipe that connects the tank and the snail.
  • Simply by opening the hatch door SM.

All the described options have both their advantages and significant disadvantages. The choice of method usually depends on the specific situation, because sometimes you can only use opening the washing machine drum. Regardless of the incident, first disconnect the Candy washing machine from all communications, assess the current situation, and then carefully follow the instructions for removing the liquid in one way or another.

We remove water through the garbage bin

If you are unable to start the drain using the function of the same name, then you need to try to manually get rid of the water through the drain filter. This method can be used even after the automatic SM has frozen during a work cycle. The most important thing is not to forget about precautions.

The drainage filter looks like a small spiral-shaped plastic nozzle installed in a drain volute, which, in turn, is hidden behind a decorative panel at the bottom right of the front wall of the case. The garbage filter is so called due to the fact that all waste liquid easily goes into the drain through the element, but all debris and foreign objects remain on the plastic, not falling into the pump, which can create a blockage. What should I do to start an emergency drain through this filter?

  • Using a screwdriver, pry up the technical hatch of the washing machine.
  • If there is no hatch, remove the decorative panel using the locking latches.
  • Find the garbage filter plug.
  • Place a capacious flat container for water under it, for example a baking tray.
  • Additionally, place rags or unnecessary towels on the floor so as not to spoil the floor covering.
  • Hold the plug with your hands and carefully turn the filter clockwise.
  • Wait until all the liquid has left the tank.

This method seems optimal, but even it has its drawbacks. Firstly, it cannot be used in a situation where the machine was washed at high temperatures, since the risk of getting burns due to boiling water is too great. Secondly, most likely a stream of impurities that have remained in the element since the last cleaning will flow through the garbage filter onto the floor. Finally, the third disadvantage is that users are not always able to install the garbage filter in its place evenly and tightly, which is why the “home assistant” begins to leak during operation.

Via drain hose

You can also manually get rid of the liquid through the drainage sleeve. This is possible at any stage of the work cycle, because you just need to provide free access to the sewer pipe, as well as prepare a place for drainage, for example, a sink or toilet. How to do this correctly?

  • Locate the location where the SM drain hose is connected to the sewer.
  • Loosen the clamp that secures the corrugation.
  • Detach the sleeve.
  • Remove the hose from the rear wall of the housing along with the hook holder.
  • Place the corrugation below the Candy washing machine tub.
  • Place the end of the hose into a prepared container, sink or toilet.
  • Make sure that all the water is gone from the machine.

It is believed that the drain hose is the easiest method for emptying the washer. It has only one drawback, but it is significant, since this method is not available to every housewife. For example, modern devices from the Samsung brand have a check valve installed, which is necessary to protect the devices from the “siphon effect”. Therefore, if your automatic SM model has such a valve, then simply lowering the hose and thus draining the water will not work.

Let's open the door

One of the most dangerous options is emptying the tank through the hatch door. To do this, you need to approximately estimate the amount of water in the system, and then tilt the equipment back, leaning it against the wall. This way you can slightly reduce the amount of liquid that gets on the floor after the machine depressurizes. How to act in this situation?

  • Carefully move the machine away.
  • Lean it against the wall.
  • Place a large basin or bucket under it.
  • Open the hatch door.
  • Collect all spilled water and scoop out any remaining water in the tank using available means.

The most difficult thing in this process is opening the machine, because if it freezes right during the working cycle, then the hatch locking device will remain closed. Consequently, the electronic lock will have to be bypassed somehow. What should I do for this?

  • Find a long rope or fishing line.
  • Pass the rope under the door in the locking mechanism area.
  • Pull the line until it touches the lock.
  • Press it and wait for the characteristic click, after which the hatch opens.

This method is considered one of the most difficult precisely because of the UBL, so it should be used only in exceptional cases. Not only can the opening process take a long time, but then you will also have to manually remove water from the system, as well as thoroughly wash the floors to remove water, dirt and soapy water. Also, this method does not guarantee that the system will be completely empty, since some of the water will remain not only at the bottom of the tank, but also in the drainage system.

Main pipe

Finally, if you still have not been able to drain the water from the system, you will have to use the last method. Forced draining through the drum pipe is also difficult to implement, but it is extremely effective, since the tank will be completely empty. In this case, you can still clean the hose itself, which is often the cause of a missing drain. The instructions are as follows.

  • Remove the rear panel of the SM, having first disconnected all the fasteners.
  • Find the pipe that connects the tank to the pump.
  • Place a large basin or bucket, and also lay several rags on the floor.
  • Loosen the clamp that holds the pipe.
  • Remove the hose from the pump fitting, and then lower it into a prepared water container.

The latter method is extremely effective; however, it may be inaccessible to housewives due to the fact that it is necessary to move and partially disassemble the machine in order to climb through its bottom to the drum, and then move by touch to the nozzle. It is worth remembering that simply lowering the machine is not enough. Then you will have to conduct a thorough diagnosis of the system to find and eliminate the cause of the problem. That’s why sometimes it’s easier to immediately call a service center specialist so that he can carry out all the necessary procedures himself, and then begin the repair.