How to disassemble the Bosch washing machine hatch

How to disassemble the Bosch washing machine hatch

The weak point of German washing machines is the handle, which may stop functioning if the user tries to forcefully open the door. To replace the plastic part, you will have to disassemble the hatch of the Bosch washing machine. Let us figure out how to open the machine with a broken handle, how to replace the element.

Opening the machine

Usually, the door handle breaks when the owner tries to open the washing machine and remove laundry from the drum. The handle simply “clicks” and refuses to unlock the hatch. In this situation, you can pull the “plastic” as much as you like, it will not lead to anything good. What to do in this case? Let us figure out how to open a Bosch washing machine.

Opening the drum is easy with a regular spoon. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Take cutlery,
  • Visually determine the middle of the hatch handle,
  • Insert the handle of the spoon into the gap between the door and the body exactly in the center of the handle,

press down lightly on the spoon.

The locking mechanism will operate, and the door will open. If there is no click, move the spoon up or down the slot and press it a couple more times. This way you can feel the lock and open the door. You can also open the Bosch machine manually; some models have an emergency door release lever. It is located at the bottom of the housing, near the drain filter.

You should not use any other methods to open a Bosch washing machine other than those described above. This way you can disrupt the machine even more.

Let us disassemble the part.

After successfully opening the hatch, you can begin disassembling the door. This is a mandatory stage of work because this is the only way to dismantle a broken handle. The plastic handle cannot be repaired; you must purchase a replacement part. You can buy the element on the Internet or in specialized stores.

The door is disassembled as follows:

  • Turn off the power to the automatic machine,
  • Close the shut-off valve responsible for the water supply to the washing machine,
  • Remove the door from its hinges (by unscrewing the two fixing bolts),
  • Place the hatch on a flat surface,
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the parts of the sash together,
  • Use a thin screwdriver to unlock the latches located around the entire perimeter of the door,
  • Disconnect the upper half of the hatch and the glass.

Further work is carried out with the internal part on which the locking device is located. You need to arm yourself with a thin screwdriver and push through the metal rod holding the mechanism together. When the pin is removed, you should remove the remaining elements of the lock.

Knowing how it works will help you install the new handle correctly. The part consists of four main elements:

  • The plastic itself,
  • Pin connecting the mechanism,
  • Springs,
  • Latch tongue.

When the old structure is disassembled, you need to install a working handle. If only the spring or tongue is damaged, the entire mechanism still needs to be replaced. Let us figure out how to secure the purchased handle properly and quickly.

We will supply a new part.

There is a recommended assembly algorithm when replacing the handle of Bosch machines. It is important to follow the directions carefully. The procedure is as follows:

  • Install the spring,
  • Place the clamp on the side of the spiral,
  • Holding the lock, insert the pin halfway. At this stage, the rod does not advance all the way, only into the first ear of the spring,
  • Hook the handle onto the latch, pull the pin completely.

After completing the assembly of the mechanism, the halves of the hatch should be connected. The glass is installed under the handle, and the outer part of the door is laid. The fixing bolts are screwed into place. You can then check how well the locking device works. Next, the sash is hung back on the hinges of the body of the Bosch washing machine.