How to clean the washing machine inside and out, tips

How to clean the washing machine inside and out, tips

How to clean the washing machine inside & out

The washing machine is our faithful assistant. Naturally, therefore, they must carefully look.

must take urgent action if you notice that it has become worse to wash or exude an unpleasant odor.

Oddly enough, the solution to all these problems is hidden in one bottle from the pharmacy. That is a common hydrogen peroxide to clean the washing machine inside and out.

Start from the inside. To do this, pour a bottle of peroxide into the conditioner compartment and turn on the rinse mode. Peroxide will disinfect the machine and help to remove an unpleasant smell. After that, remember to leave the machine door, so it dries out.

Internal processing is not everything.

You also need to take care of cleaning the body of the washing machine. First, you must wipe the dust with a soft cloth, carefully going through all the cracks. Then moisten a cotton pad with hydrogen peroxide. Finally, wipe it all over the body, paying particular attention to yellow spots. You will immediately see a fantastic effect! The washing machine will return to its former whiteness.

Also, do remember to seal the door of the washing machine. So very often, mold forms, which causes an unpleasant odor. This seal can also clean seal with a cotton pad. The peroxide will help sanitize it and prevent mold.

It is worth remembering that any problems are more accessible to prevent than deal with later.