How to clean the inlet filter in an LG washing machine?

How to clean the inlet filter in an LG washing machine?

The quality of tap water supplied to consumers' apartments leaves much to be desired. Spotlessly clean water flowing through brand new pipes is more of a pipe dream than a reality. Impurities of heavy metals, particles of sand and lime, rust - all these undesirable elements are contained in water, and negatively affect not only the washing result, but also the service life of the washing machine.

The purpose of the fill valve is to protect equipment from unwanted impurities entering the system. To complete the task, it must collect all the unnecessary particles that users need to periodically remove. Let us figure out how to clean the water supply filter in the washing machine.

Description of the cleaning process

The first step is to figure out what this part is. Externally, the fill filter looks like a small mesh made in the shape of a cylinder. It is this design that traps impurities and debris contained in the water. The in-fill filter can retain the smallest particles of metals and dirt, but over time the mesh becomes clogged and does not allow water to pass through into the washing machine. Therefore, if you notice difficulties with getting water into the tank, it is recommended to clean the part. The algorithm for cleaning the filler filter is simple.

  • Turn off the power to the washing machine (unplug the power cord from the outlet).
  • Turn off the water supply valve to the machine.
  • Move the machine away from the wall to gain free access to the rear wall of the case.
  • Cover the floor near the machine with a rag; it will absorb any water that may leak from the inlet hose.
  • Loosen the nut with the rubber seal holding the inlet hose. It should be scrolled from right to left. The hose is attached to the washer at the top, on the right side.
  • Remove the filter mesh from the valve. This can be done by grabbing the protruding part of the element with pliers.
  • Clean the filter under running water. If debris is poorly washed out of the mesh, you can remove dirt particles using a toothbrush.
  • Make sure that the valve does not have an additional filter surface installed. LG models sometimes have a second mesh located after the main filter. If present, clean it too.
  • Place the removed filter mesh in its original place.
  • Connect the inlet hose to the washing machine body.
  • Tighten the fastening nut, not forgetting to put the rubber gasket.

It is important to inspect the seal and the nut itself. If the components are severely worn, it is necessary to replace the parts with new ones. After assembling the washing machine and connecting it to communications, check whether the problem with water entering the tank has been resolved.

Is an additional filter needed?

If the inlet filter in your LG washing machine clogs very often, it means that excessively hard water is coming into your apartment. The first sign of increased hardness is limescale deposits that form on the bottom and walls of an electric kettle that is used daily. To soften tap water, you can install an additional filter element both at the entrance to the apartment and directly in front of the inlet hose of the LG machine.

There are several worthy developments on the market to protect household appliances from scale and plaque formation. Let us focus on a few filter elements.

Geyser 1P. Main filter element designed for installation on a cold-water supply pipe directly at the entrance to the apartment. In addition to washing machines, the device protects against debris, clogging and corrosive formations, also dishwashers, water heaters, heating boilers and other equipment found in the house.

The body of Geyser 1P is capable of withstanding pressure up to 30 atmospheres. This figure is a record among the latest filter elements.

Aquaphor Styron. The filter prevents the formation of scale, improves the effect of detergents, reducing the need for their quantity. Installed directly in front of the automatic machine. The internal filling of the filter is enough for 300 washes. The filter composition softens the water and prevents the appearance of corrosive deposits.

A simple water analysis will help you understand which filter element is right for your case. Based on the identified data, a filter is selected to combat weak points.

So, if microparticles and impurities are detected on the inlet filter of the ElG washing machine, it is advisable to install a main filter element or purifier at the entrance to the house directly in front of the washing equipment. Water in most Russian regions is characterized by increased hardness, so such a measure will not be unnecessary.