How to clean the filters of the washing machine

How to clean the filters of the washing machine

The washing machine needs regular maintenance. Otherwise, active use will eventually render the device unusable. One way to extend the life of your washing machine is to clean the filters regularly.

There are several parameters by which you can determine whether the filter is dirty. These include: some features do not work; filling and draining of the liquid does not occur; when spinning, washing stops; the machine does not function when rinsing.

If at least one of the above signs is present, then it is recommended to clean the drain and fill the filters.

What is a filled filter? This unique element of the washing machine filters the water entering the tank. This detail is not present in all devices, but in most modern ones, it is.

The design of the inlet filter is simple: a small mesh that traps tiny particles of debris. Over time, a layer of plaque appears on the filter, preventing incoming water. First, therefore, clean the filter.

The washing machine filter is located on the backside. There is also a valve (it regulates the water supply) and a hose through which water is poured.

The filter is easy to pull out. To do this, you can use pliers or pliers. Often, after dismantling, you can observe a layer of dirt and rust. Next, you must carefully remove all plaque.

The main thing is to maintain the filter itself. A toothbrush is perfect for this purpose. There is no need to use various cleaning agents. You can clean it under the tap or in a bowl of warm water. After cleaning, you need to return everything to its place.

How to find and clean the drain filter? Rule, the device is often located on the front of the washing machine, lower right corner left. In most washing machines, it is closed with a small plastic door. It is removed without problems, as it is fixed on the latch.

After removing the door, you will notice a small detail that looks like a cork. That is the same filter. Most filters have a small notch. You need to grab it with two fingers, turn it clockwise and pull it towards you. In some washing machines, it is necessary to rotate until the filter is unscrewed. It happens that it is fixed with a bolt. For this, you will need a screwdriver.

After the filter has been pulled out, some water may leak out. It's not scary; it happens. I recommended substituting a small container or sponge in advance so that water does not wet the floor.

The cleaning process is quite simple: you need to clean the filter's hole and then rinse the device itself. After the procedure, insert the filter back.

It is accessible in the process of cleaning the drain and inlet filters. The main thing is to find and pull out the devices. It is also important not to damage the mesh during the procedure.