How to Clean the Filter in an Electrolux Top Load Washing Machine

How to Clean the Filter in an Electrolux Top Load Washing Machine

For front washing machines, finding the drain filter is not difficult - it is located below, on the front wall in the right corner of the case, behind the false panel or technical hatch. With verticals everything is not so simple - the trash bin can hide in the most unexpected places. Where can owners of Electrolux automatic machines look for the element? How often should the part be cleaned? Why do this?

The filter is hidden in the pump volute

It will not be possible to do without disassembling the vertical. To clean the filter in a top-loading washing machine, you will need to remove the side wall of the washing machine and get to the drain pump. To work you will need:

  • Slotted screwdriver,
  • Star screwdriver,
  • Dry rag.

First, you need to turn off the power to the Electrolux washing machine, disconnect it from the water supply and sewerage. Further actions:

  • Remove the side wall of the SMA case (it is held in place with four screws around the perimeter, the bolts are unscrewed with a regular screwdriver),
  • Find the drain pump - it is located under the drum,
  • Disconnect the pump from the power supply,
  • Using a star screwdriver, unscrew the three bolts that secure the pump,
  • Remove the drain pump (at this stage water will flow from the joint, so use a dry cloth),
  • Pry the drain filter with your finger and carefully remove it from the structure,
  • Disassemble the “trash can” into two parts and rinse them in warm water,
  • Clean the seat from dirt and scale,
  • Put the clean drain filter back, making sure that its protrusions clearly align with the rib inside the structure,
  • Return the pump to its place, secure it with bolts,
  • Connect the power contacts to the pump,
  • Reinstall the left side wall of the vertical housing.

If the filter has not been cleaned for a long time and scale has formed on it, soak the part in a solution of citric acid for 4-5 hours or in a special store-bought anti-limescale solution. The water should be warm, but not hot. You cannot fill the “trash can” with boiling water - this will lead to deformation of the element.

After assembly, the machine is connected to the water supply and sewerage system. After starting the wash, observe the operation of the appliance. If the filter is installed incorrectly, the MMA will begin to leak at the location of the “trash can”. You need to be alert in order to notice the leak in time and turn off the washing machine.

How many times a year should I clean this part?

It is important to promptly remove debris accumulated in the drain filter. Otherwise, the normal operation of the Electrolux washing machine will be disrupted. The water will leave the tank too slowly, which is why the washer will start giving an error. A clogged filter element can cause pump failure.

Much will depend on how often your Electrolux washing machine is run. If you wash things only a couple of times a week, then the frequency of cleaning the “trash bin” can be reduced to once every 3-4 months.

If a cat or dog lives in the apartment, the garbage filter will become clogged faster. Wool from clothes will first fall into the washing tank, then into the pump. Therefore, in such a situation, you will have to clean the filter element more often - once a month.

To prevent blockage in the drain system:

  • Always shake out laundry before loading it into the drum,
  • be sure to take everything out of your pockets - checks, paper, keys, nails, buttons and other small items,
  • Pre-soak very dirty items in a basin, and only then put them in the machine.

This will be enough to prevent severe clogging of the drain filter. However, lint, threads and wool will still settle on the part. Therefore, periodic cleaning of the "trash can" remains a mandatory procedure.

What problems does a dirty filter cause?

Some users are not even aware of the need to clean the trash bin. This provokes certain problems. A clogged drain filter can cause:

  • Unpleasant odor emanating from the washing machine and washed clothes. Dirt in the trash can is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Harmful microorganisms will remain inside the washer for months, while emitting a foul odor,
  • Obstructed outflow of waste liquid into the sewer system. The filter can become so clogged that water stops leaving the tank altogether. The machine will stop the cycle and display the corresponding error code on the display,
  • Pump breakdown. When the filter is clogged, the pump operates at maximum power. Due to the constant increased load, the element will eventually burn out.

The whole procedure takes no more than 15-20 minutes. By spending just, a quarter of an hour, you can prevent many breakdowns of the Electrolux washing machine. Basic cleaning of the filter will extend the service life of the SMA without repairs. Therefore, it is important to maintain the device in a timely manner.