How to choose an LED TV?

How to choose an LED TV?

Today, LCD TVs with LED backlighting are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a bright, contrast image with low power consumption, as well as high reliability. For the correct choice of a specific model of LED-TV when buying it, it is advisable to be guided by the following indicators of the quality of the TV and operating conditions.

Choose a TV

Screen diagonal size

When choosing the size of the TV screen, determined by the size of its diagonal, we proceed from the dimensions of the room in which it will be installed, more precisely from the distance between the TV screen and the viewer, which ensures a comfortable viewing of the image. For example, for a small kitchen room with a comfortable viewing distance of 2-2.5 m, it is not advisable to use a TV with a diagonal size of more than 19-21 inches (48-53 cm). In rooms with a comfortable viewing distance of 4.5-5 m, you can use a TV with a diagonal size of 26-42 inches (66-106 cm). There is a very rough norm that in order to ensure a comfortable viewing of the TV.

To select the optimal screen size, when buying a TV, simply view the image of several TVs, from the distance you have already determined in advance between the viewer and the intended installation location of the TV in the room. The final choice is determined by the comparison of the viewing results.

Image quality

When evaluating image quality, we, of course, primarily rely on our individual perception. By viewing the image of LED TVs of several models, we can make our choice on the basis of a comparative assessment. At the same time, we must bear in mind that the quality of the input television signal at the place of operation of the TV may differ from the signal at the place of purchase.

When evaluating image quality, it is important to pay attention to the flickering of the brightness of the image, which is due to the frequency of the frame scan in the TV. At a frame rate of 50 Hz, this flicker is clearly visible, but already at 100 Hz and above, flicker is almost not perceived by the human eye. Televisions of various manufacturers may have certain inherent image features. In particular, Samsung LED TVs are characterized by a predominance of bright colors, and Philips LED TVs are characterized by a saturation of the image with darker shades. However, it should be borne in mind that the TV manufacturing standards, as a rule, provide for the possibility of both manual and automatic settings (by selecting an established set of settings) of all the basic characteristics of the image and sound.

Build quality

It is very difficult to evaluate this indicator when buying for any external signs of the TV. Therefore, in this matter, you should usually rely only on world-famous manufacturing companies whose high quality products are confirmed by the experience of operating the products, and which is based on a high level of manufacturing technology and marketing standards in these companies. Currently, the following companies can be attributed to such world-famous manufacturers of electronic products and, in particular, LED TVs: LG, Philips, Samsung, Onida, BPL, Siemens and Sony.

When buying a TV, we, of course, give our preferences, first of all, to the products of these manufacturers.

TV location

Depending on the method of installing the LED-TV in the place of its operation, when buying, we pay attention to its design features. For example, in the case of installing a TV by hanging it on a wall, like a picture, it is desirable to have a TV with the smallest depth (thickness) of the body. With this method of installing a TV, you can also take advantage of the backlight that is available on some Philips models. When installing the TV on a stand, we need to have enough space to accommodate it.

Additional functions and features

LCD TVs with LED backlighting have a wide range of functionality. In particular, many models have the ability to play video from a flash memory, connect and use some Internet resources, implement wireless data transfer, etc. Control functions of the TV and other external devices connected to it, such as a home theater, can be carried out with one remote control remote control if these external devices are the same manufacturer. The required set of functions is determined only by the desire of the buyer. Since LED TV expensive products, before buying a particular model, it is advisable to have a fairly clear idea regarding its intended purpose, i.e. determine the optimal set of required qualities.