How to check the Hall sensor on an LG washing machine?

How to check the Hall sensor on an LG washing machine?

Several signs indicate a failure of the LG washing machine tachometer. The drum can be stationary, or, on the contrary, rotate uncontrollably. The LG direct drive washing machine is equipped with an inverter motor, so the tachometer is slightly different from those installed on machines with a commutator motor. Let us figure out how to check the Hall sensor, what the element is and where it is located.

Check progress.

To gain access to the tachometer on the ElG washing machine, you need to disassemble the device. The first step is to turn off the power to the equipment and disconnect the washing machine from the home communication networks. Then you need to move the machine to a place where it will be convenient to disassemble it. It is important to ensure free access to the back cover of the automatic machine. Algorithm for subsequent actions:

  • Unscrew the bolts holding the back wall of the case, remove it and put it aside,
  • Using a 17mm wrench, unscrew the rotor screw (it is important to ask someone to hold the drum from the inside to prevent it from rotating),
  • Remove the motor rotor,
  • Armed with a 10mm socket, unscrew all the bolts holding the stator assembly (when removing the last self-tapping screw, hold the stator with your hand so that the element does not fall off or fall),
  • Disconnect the clamps and connectors from the assembly.

This way you will have access to the Hall sensor. To diagnose faults, it is not necessary to disconnect the element. You can check the tachometer for functionality using a multimeter. It is necessary to set the resistance of the device to 20 kOhm and apply the probes to outputs 1 and 5, then to 2 and 5.

Removing and installing the sensor

If a malfunction of the tachometer is detected, the only way out is to replace the part with a new one. The first step is to dismantle the old Hall sensor; to do this, use a slotted screwdriver to disconnect a special latch. It is important to act carefully so as not to damage the fasteners and contacts. After loosening the fastening, the tachometer is carefully removed from the groove.

It is better to go to the store with the old sensor removed, this will help you avoid making a mistake in choosing the part. When ordering an item in an online store, be careful and consider the product labelling. Also check the purchased tachometer with a multimeter to ensure that the new part is in good working order. Often, retail outlets sell defective components, so precautions will not be superfluous.

Then you can begin installing the Hall sensor. Insert the element so that its recesses completely coincide with the guides on the stator. Carefully press the tachometer until you hear a characteristic clicking sound. Then all components of the LG direct drive washing machine are installed in the reverse order. Having finished assembling the washing machine, connect it to the water supply and sewerage system, and plug it into the electrical network. Check the equipment for functionality.