How to change shock absorbers on a Candy washing machine

How to change shock absorbers on a Candy washing machine

Quite often, people themselves restore the shock-absorbing system of an automatic washing machine, and even people without experience in such repairs can do this. However, replacing the shock absorbers of a Candy washing machine is a completely different matter, because due to the design features of the “home assistant” it is much more difficult to work with it. In this situation, you will first have to disassemble the device, remove the electric motor, drive belt, and the racks themselves. We'll tell you how to handle this work yourself without the help of a service center specialist.

Getting to the dampers

It is usually very easy to understand that you need to change the dampers in the machine - just watch the operation of the machine. If household appliances begin to hum loudly during washing, vibrate strongly or bounce, then all this is a signal that you need to remove the old shock absorbers and install new ones.

At the same time, you should not immediately buy new spare parts, because first the theory with gradually failing dampers needs to be confirmed or refuted. What should I do for this?

  • Disconnect the equipment from all communications.
  • Remove the drain and inlet hoses.
  • Move the unit to the center of the room to gain easy access to all sides of the cabinet.
  • Drain any remaining waste fluid using a drain filter.
  • Remove the household chemicals tray.
  • Disconnect and move the back wall to the side, having first removed the fixing bolts.
  • Remove the drive belt from the drum pulley and motor.
  • Disconnect all wires from the engine.
  • Loosen the motor clamps.
  • Gently pry the fasteners with a screwdriver to loosen any stuck joints.
  • Finally, carefully remove the engine.

After dismantling the motor is completed, you can begin changing the dampers. This is due to the fact that they can be conveniently removed only from the bottom of the machine. Be sure to cover the floors with rags or towels, and then place the washer on its right side.

How to remove a broken and jammed part?

The shock absorbers in Candy cars are so difficult to remove because they have special latches in the form of expanding plugs, which is why they are sometimes called nails. A similar part passes directly through the shock absorber and plates that hold the element at the top and bottom. This expanding plug seems completely smooth, which is why it is difficult to remove from the device.

Repair experts recommend not trying to work with the fastener from the other side, because this will cause a higher risk of damaging the fragile plastic part. Therefore, you need to be smarter - improve these complex shock absorber fasteners. How to do it?

  • Take a drill 2-2.5 millimeters in diameter and 20 centimeters or more long.
  • Using a drill, drill a small hole in the middle of the cork, about three centimeters deep.
  • Screw a small self-tapping screw into the prepared hole so that it remains approximately 4 centimeters on the surface.
  • Using pliers or a similar tool, clamp the newly installed screw and pull it towards you.
  • Carefully remove the self-tapping screw together with the expanding plug.
  • Remove the damper itself from its seat.

For the second shock absorber, the dismantling instructions will be the same, except that you will first have to turn the Candy washing machine on its left side. While working, try to find a drill that fits perfectly, not only in diameter, but also in length. If you are unable to remove the shock-absorbing unit in this way, you will have to dismantle the washing tank and try again.

Installation of a new part

You should not try to restore old racks; you can only replace them with brand new spare parts. It is advisable to buy only original parts so that they not only fit your “home assistant” well, but also last longer than analogues and Chinese counterfeits. To avoid making the wrong choice, you can remove the old dampers and take them with you to the store as an example. You can also simply write down the model and serial number of the washing machine to show them to the sales consultant. What to do after you have the parts in your hands?

  • Insert the shock absorber firmly.
  • Make sure that it is installed clearly in the grooves prepared for it.
  • Reinstall the previously improved plug by carefully driving it into the damper hole through the two partitions.
  • Switch the drill to “reverse” mode to remove the self-tapping screw from the expansion plug.
  • Check that the fasteners are installed securely.
  • Repeat the instructions for the second shock absorber, which will require turning the machine over to the other side.
  • Replace the washing tub if you had to remove it previously.
  • Install the electric motor and secure it with clamps.
  • Connect all wires to the engine.
  • Place the drive belt onto the pulley.

At this point, the repair is considered complete, so all you have to do is install the Candy washing machine in its usual place and check its performance. Activate the spin mode, choosing the maximum drum rotation speed, and carefully monitor the work of the “home assistant”. If the cycle goes through without vibrations or jumps, then everything is fine. Otherwise, you just need to tighten the shock absorber clamps more tightly.