How to be guided when buying a plasma TV?

How to be guided when buying a plasma TV?

Plasma TV provides the opportunity to experience the pleasure of high-quality image of a television picture. An increasingly popular acquisition is a plasma TV. To decide for sure whether to buy such a TV or not, let's look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Modern equipment stores amaze with their range and variety. Therefore, it is often not easy to choose what you really need. We recommend that you first follow some rules for selecting a plasma TV in order to make a long-awaited purchase and in the future not to be disappointed in the purchased copy.

Indicate for yourself the size of the amount you are going to pay for the TV. The minimum price for a plasma TV is RS 50,000. Read in advance on the Internet or consult with friends about choosing a brand of TV. Someone has their own preferences, so all the equipment in the house is only one brand. Also, a consultant in the store can tell you which TV manufacturer is right for you.

The room where the TV will be located is important. The kitchen needs a small screen, and a large size TV is installed in the living rooms and bedrooms.

Think in advance and prepare a list of technical specifications, as well as external parameters and features of the TV. It is important to add to the list:

  • Image resolution and screen diagonal size (this parameter starts from 42 to 65 inches);
  • Level of quality of acoustic components;
  • Whether the TV should support the now popular 3d or HDTV format.
  • The presence and number of USB ports, the ability to connect HDMI and other additional removable equipment;
  • Is there a functional ability to connect the internet and WI-FI?
  • How important is the specific coloring of the TV, its configuration and method of attachment, so that it simply and harmoniously fits into the interior of the room?

When making a purchase, it is imperative to check the condition of the TV. Defective elements, broken pixels on the screen are not allowed (they are clearly visible when the image is launched on the screen). Such a TV should not be sold and must be exchanged for a working one.

What are the advantages of a plasma TV?

The most significant advantage of plasma TVs is that they have completely independent of viewing angle picture quality. The image is not subject to distortion, so you do not need to be constantly in front of the TV. An overview of such a television is possible at an angle of 180 degrees in different directions. LCD TVs do not have this characteristic.

Plasma TV is affordable, and with it you get a wonderful picture of high quality. The plasma screen transmits a fairly bright and clear image, which makes it possible to use it in rooms with insufficient lighting. It is ideal for installing a home theater.

The TV has a higher color contrast compared to other types of TVs. They have a more pronounced and deeply expressed gray and black color. Plasmas do not suffer from the display of moving objects with delay and inhibition. For lovers of mobile sports events, only such a TV will bring you pleasure from watching.

Televisions are available in sizes that can be attached to a wall or using a bracket. The lack of mercury in the composition makes this technique safer.

Cons you need to know when buying a plasma TV

The plasma screen has a glossy screen surface. This is not a good option for rooms with bright lighting. It will reflect light or furniture, and such a high quality image will not fully suit you.

Plasma TV is quite heavy compared to LCD. It is also more fragile, which requires caution and care in its operation and movement. Plasma TV consumes 40% more electricity than the same LCD. But you have gorgeous image quality, and this is an important argument in such a large consumption of electricity.