How many bearings in a Samsung washing machine

How many bearings in a Samsung washing machine

Having decided to repair your "home assistant" with your own hands, be sure to figure out what parts will be needed during the repair. Users often do not understand how many bearings are in a Samsung washing machine, what size components to buy for a specific model. We will tell you how to choose the right parts.

What parts are needed and in what quantities?

People who have never repaired washing machines do not even suspect how the bearing assembly of the machine works. Samsung machines are equipped with two bearings and one oil seal. Stores usually sell a ready-made repair kit, which includes the rings themselves, sealing rubber and lubricant.

Why is it so important to focus on a specific model? Visually similar machines with the same body dimensions and similar capacity are often equipped with different bearings. Even if the rings are the same, the seal size may be different. Sometimes the diameter of the seal is 1-2 millimeters smaller, but this deviation will be significant.

In order to minimize the probability of an error when selecting components, you can first disassemble the washing machine, remove the old elements and only then buy or order new ones. There is a marking on the bearings and seal - focusing on it, choosing similar spare parts will be easy.

Types of bearings and seals

All Samsung front-type washing machines have a pair of bearings. The diameter of the rings is different, the outer one is larger, the inner one is smaller. Let's figure out which components are suitable for certain Samsung models.

Most models are equipped with bearings 203 and 204, oil seal 25x50.55x10/12. These are the cars:

  • Samsung S803J;
  • Samsung S 821;
  • Samsung S832;
  • Samsung S 852;
  • Samsung S1005J;
  • Samsung S 1021;
  • Samsung S 1043;
  • Samsung WF F861;
  • Samsung WF 6458N7W;
  • Samsung S815J;
  • Samsung S813J;
  • Samsung R833;
  • Samsung P843GW;
  • Samsung P843 GWIYLP;
  • Samsung R1031 GWS1U\ YLW;
  • Samsung WF 6520 S7W;
  • Samsung WF6522S6V;
  • Samsung WF 6458 N7W;
  • Samsung WF 7522 SUV;
  • Samsung WF 7520 N1B;
  • Samsung WF 8590 NFW;
  • Samsung P 1091;
  • Samsung WF 7522S8R.

The following Samsung models are also equipped with bearings 203-204 and an oil seal 25x50.55x10/12. However, a seal with dimensions 25x50.55x7 is also acceptable for them. These are the washing machines:

  • Samsung S621;
  • Samsung P805 J;
  • Samsung S801;
  • Samsung S823;
  • Samsung P8091;
  • Samsung P8021;
  • Samsung P6091;
  • Samsung 1200F.

The brand's line includes washing machines equipped with 205-206 bearings and a 44.7x65.55x10/12 seal. These are the models:

  • Samsung SWF-P10;
  • Samsung SWF-P10 IW/YLW;
  • Samsung SWF-P8IW.

If the washing machines are equipped with the same bearings, this does not mean that the seals will be identical. For example, the same rings 205-206, but a rubber seal 35x65.55x10/12 are required for the following models:

  • Samsung WF-B1061;
  • Samsung P1043GW/YLP.

There are also single configuration options in the line. We are talking about the following models:

  • Samsung R1031 with bearings 205-206 and oil seal 35x75.55x10/12;
  • Samsung WF-R105AV with rings 305-306 and seal 35x75.5x10/12;
  • Samsung P1291 with bearings 205-206 and gasket 35x65x10/12 or 35x65x10.

Each bearing and seal is marked. Therefore, even if there is no information about your Samsung model on the Internet, there is no need to worry. Then you will have to buy new components after disassembling the SMA and dismantling the old elements. This will allow you not to make a mistake in your choice.

If spare parts are not purchased as a repair kit, but separately, do not forget to buy special grease for bearings. The substance will prevent moisture from getting inside the assembly, due to which the rings will last longer. There is also no point in changing the bearings and leaving the old seal - water will flow inside and ruin the elements. A new sealing gasket must be installed.

Buy parts correctly

It is better not to try to reduce the cost of repairing a Samsung washing machine. The location of the bearings causes certain difficulties. The rings are "hidden" inside the tank, and it is quite difficult to get to them, you have to almost completely disassemble the washing machine. If you install cheap spare parts, you need to understand that you will have to repeat the replacement in a couple of years.

When choosing replacement parts, do not chase the lowest price. The bearing unit experiences considerable load, so all elements must be of high quality. "Low-grade" analogues from China will not last long, and labor-intensive repairs will have to be repeated.

Samsung washing machines are common in the Russian Federation, so there are usually no difficulties with selecting and purchasing components. The average cost of a high-quality repair kit is 1,500 rubles. This is quite acceptable, especially if the repairs are done on your own.

If you have difficulties with the selection of components, you can consult with the specialists of the Samsung service center. Usually, such information is provided free of charge. You can also ask the manager a question when ordering spare parts from the official website of the brand.