How many bearings in a LG washing machine

How many bearings in a LG washing machine

For high-quality repair of household appliances, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the components of the "home assistant". For example, if the user's bearing unit has failed, then it is necessary not only to know how many bearings are in the LG washing machine, but also what specific spare parts need to be purchased. In this case, the easiest way is to first partially disassemble the washing machine, get to the failed unit, study the marking of the parts, and then purchase exactly the same ones as a replacement. Let's study in detail the bearings with seals that are installed in the equipment of the South Korean brand LG.

Number of details

If you have not previously repaired washing equipment, then it is not surprising that the location and number of bearings in the device raise questions. In automatic LG washing machines with a front type of laundry loading, a pair of bearings and one seal between the pulley and the drum are usually installed. At the same time, most often the components are sold in one set, which is not only very convenient, but also eliminates the possibility of error.

Despite the similarity of LG front-facing washing machines, their bearing units often differ in size. The difference can be only 2-5 millimeters, but even the smallest discrepancy is unacceptable, because it will not allow the part to be reliably installed in its seat.

That is why experts advise, before purchasing and replacing a unit, to disassemble the machine, remove the bearings with the seal and carefully study them to recognize the markings, because this will allow you to avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses. If the marking has long been erased during active use of the device, then you will have to either measure the part yourself or take it with you to the store in order to select a replacement with the help of a sales consultant.

LG SM models and their components

We have already determined the location, number of bearings and the need for precise selection of spare parts. All that remains is to study the most common components that can be found in stores for LG washing machines. For the convenience of readers, we will list popular models of automatic CM with front loading and the parts that fit them.

  • For the WD 800 8C washing machine, you need 205 and 206 bearings, as well as a 37x66x9.5/12 seal.
  • The F 1068 LD model is equipped with the same bearings and oil seal as for the previous machine.
  • For the WD 1020 W, the same list of spare parts indicated for the previous two models is relevant.
  • WD 1012 C requires other components, slightly less popular - bearings 203 or 204, as well as an oil seal 25x50x
  • F 1022 TD also has rarer bearings – 305 or 306 and an unusual seal 37x76x9.5/12.
  • The “Home Helper” WD 1030 R is equipped with standard 205 and 206 bearings, plus a conventional 37x66x9.5/12 oil seal.
  • For WD 1040 W you will need to purchase parts 203 or 204 and an oil seal 25x50x
  • WD 1014 C is also equipped with a bearing unit 203 or 204 and a seal 25x50x
  • The WD 1050 F washing machine is equipped with classic components 205 or 206 together with a 37x66x9.5/12 seal.
  • The F 1080 FD washing machine is also equipped with 205 or 206 bearings and a 37x66x9.5/12 seal.
  • The same situation is with the WD 1256 FB device – 205 and 206 bearing, as well as 37x66x9.5/12 oil seal.
  • Equipment WD 6007 C will require bearing types 203 and 204, plus a 25x50x seal
  • Absolutely the same is needed for the WD 6212 model - parts 203 or 204 along with an oil seal 25x50x
  • The WD 8014 washing machine is equipped with similar parts as the last two copies from this list.
  • For the WD 8050 FB you will already have to purchase bearings 205 or 206, as well as an oil seal 37x66x9.5/12.
  • The same set of spare parts is required for the WD 8074 FB machine.
  • The LG WD 12210 BD washing machine requires parts 305 and 306, as well as a rare 37x76x9.5/12 seal.
  • The WD 12275 BD model is manufactured using the same bearing assembly as the previous unit in the list.
  • The common version WD 80160 NUP requires classic 205 or 206 bearings, as well as a regular 37x66x9.5/12 oil seal.
  • Finally, the WD 80302 NUP has the same set of components as the previous copy.

This list does not show all the household appliances produced by LG, but only the most common models that can be found in Russian housewives. From this list, you can understand that most often for washing machines of the South Korean brand you should buy bearings 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 305 and 306, as well as seals 37x66x9.5/12 and 25 x50 x10.

However, do not rush to buy spare parts - first make sure that the component is suitable for replacement, which can be done either by using the marking on the damaged unit, or with the help of a consultant in the store, for which you should take the failed bearings with the seal as an example.