How many bearings are there in an Electrolux washing machine?

How many bearings are there in an Electrolux washing machine?

Repairing a bearing assembly is a rather difficult task. This is explained by the location of the parts - they are located inside the washing machine tank. You need to prepare for the work, firstly, buy new components, and secondly, find the tools that will be needed in the process.

Let's figure out how many bearings there are in an Electrolux washing machine. Let's tell you what the node consists of. Let us explain what you need to look for when purchasing a repair kit.

Number and sizes of components

When ordinary users undertake such repairs, many of them do not even have an idea about the structure of the unit. Most Electrolux automatic machines are equipped with a pair of bearings of different sizes and one oil seal. As a standard, spare parts are sold as a set, so it is difficult to make a mistake in their quantity.

There are exceptions. Some Electrolux washing machines are equipped with a reinforced, double-row ring. For such models you will need one bearing and oil seal.

Why is it necessary to look at your SMA model? Even if the washing machines have identical bearings, the seals may differ. In this situation, a difference of even a couple of millimetres will be significant.

To make sure you don’t make a mistake when looking for spare parts, you can first disassemble the machine, take out the broken rings, and then go to the store. In this case, buying suitable components will be as easy as pie. Each bearing and oil seal is marked, and analogues are selected based on it.

We select components

Of course, it is much more convenient to buy a repair kit in advance, rather than after dismantling the bearings. Especially if you have to wait for components when ordering online. A machine with half-broken rings will still be able to wash, but if you disassemble the device, you will no longer be able to use it for its intended purpose.

Don’t be afraid, because purchasing spare parts is not done blindly in any case. For each SMA Electrolux model, bearings and an oil seal of a certain size are designed.

Information about the diameter and thickness of components is freely available. Moreover, the suppliers themselves always indicate in the description of the repair kit which specific washing machines it is suitable for.

Many Electrolux automatic machines are equipped with bearings 204-205 and an oil seal 30x52x10/12. These are the models:

  • Electrolux EWF 1090;
  • Electrolux EWF 8040;
  • Electrolux EWF 1030;
  • Electrolux EWS 10010W;
  • Electrolux EWS 10012W;
  • Electrolux EWF 10020W;
  • Electrolux EWS 10412W;
  • Electrolux EWS 10612W;
  • Electrolux EWS 10712W;
  • Electrolux EWS 11600W.

Electrolux washing machines with bearings 205 and 206, equipped with a rubber seal 35x62x10, are quite common. These are the models:

  • Electrolux EWS 1020;
  • Electrolux EWF 1286;
  • Electrolux EWS 800;
  • Electrolux EWS 8000W;
  • Electrolux EWS 8010W;
  • Electrolux EWS 8012W;
  • Electrolux EWS 12470 W;
  • Electrolux EW 1259W;
  • Electrolux EWF 10240W;
  • Electrolux WS 10400W;
  • Electrolux EWS 10410W;
  • Electrolux EWS 12612W;
  • Electrolux EWS 12712W.

There are machines also equipped with rings 205-206, but with an oil seal 35x62x10/12. We are talking about the following models:

  • Electrolux EW 925;
  • Electrolux EW 1277 F;
  • Electrolux EWF 1030;
  • Electrolux EWF 12040W;
  • Electrolux EWF 12270.

Washing machines with larger drums are equipped with larger bearings. Rings 206-207 are available on models:

  • Electrolux EW 1257 F, oil seal 2×72/80×8/13.5;
  • Electrolux EW 1270 F, seal 40.2×72/80×8/13.5;
  • Electrolux EW 1675 F, elastic 5/14;
  • Electrolux EWF 1486, oil seal 40.2x72x10/13.5;
  • Electrolux WH 4555 T, gasket 40.2×72/80×13;
  • Electrolux WDJ 1233, seal 40.2x72x10/13.5;
  • Electrolux EWG 12740W, elastic 2x72x10/13.5;
  • Electrolux EWI 1235, oil seal 40.2x72x10/13.5;
  • Electrolux EWX 12540W, gasket 2x72x10/13.5.

Reinforced bearings 306-307 and oil seal 47x80x11/13.5 are available on models:

  • Electrolux EW 1649;
  • Electrolux EWW 16781W.

It is also worth mentioning the models equipped with one double-row bearing BA2B 30x60x37. These are washing machines:

  • Electrolux EW 914 S, oil seal 40x60x10;
  • Electrolux EW 920 S, gasket 40x60x8/10.5;
  • Electrolux EW 952 S, seal 40.2×60/105×8/15.5;
  • Electrolux EW 962 S, elastic 40.2×60/105×8/15.5;
  • Electrolux EW 1062 S, oil seal 40.2×60/105×8/15.5;
  • Electrolux EW 1063 S and Electrolux EWS 1105, gasket 40x60x10;
  • Electrolux EW 1165 F, rubber seal 48×68/110×13.

How to find out the name of your Electrolux washing machine? The model and serial number of the automatic machine are written on the nameplate or information sticker. If the instructions for the equipment have been preserved, the data can be taken from there.

Don't skimp on components. The arrangement of the parts is quite complex; in order to gain access to the rings, you need to completely disassemble the SMA. Therefore, in order not to repeat labour-intensive repairs in a couple of years, it is better to immediately install high-quality bearings.