Haier washing machine won't spin

Haier washing machine won't spin

Finding out that a Haier washing machine does not wring out laundry is very simple. At the end of the cycle, things in the washer will remain wet. Water will drain from them. Usually, in such a situation, the machine, after rinsing, cannot spin the drum to the required 600-1400 revolutions and immediately proceeds to drain.

What could be the reasons for such a malfunction? Should we check which parts of the washing machine first? Let's take a look at the nuances.

List of possible problems

It is not worth closing your eyes because the automatic machine refuses to wring out the laundry. Of course, you can twist things manually after washing, but there are better options than this one. First, you have to spend your time and energy. Secondly, if you leave the washing machine without repair, it may become even worse.

Most often, CMA Haier does not wring out things for the following reasons:


  • The user has disabled the spin option (perhaps a program has been selected that does not provide this function),
  • The intelligence of the machine fixed the imbalance of the drum and, for safety reasons, cancelled the spin cycle,
  • The drain system does not work correctly (water did not discharge into the sewer, so the spin cycle does not start),
  • The hall sensor has failed,
  • The CMA electric motor broke down,
  • Fixed problems with the bearing assembly,
  • A foreign object has entered the drum, which interferes with the free rotation of the container,
  • Failed electronic control module.

You can fix most of these problems without calling the wizard. You will only have to contact the service center if there are problems with the control module or the washer is new and still under warranty. First, look at what to do with a machine that refuses to wring out things.

The program is not working.

The most harmless reason is running a program that does not involve spinning. The Haier automatic machine will not spin the drum to maximum speed when the delicate and hand wash modes and the Wool, Silk, and Down algorithms turn on. First, therefore, check in which position the selector moved.

All Haier washing machines can adjust the spin speed from zero to maximum. However, you may have turned off the function with the button, so the machine did not wring out things, and they remained wet.

To eliminate user error, turn on the machine, select any quick spin program, and start the cycle. Observe the operation of the device. If the situation with the failure of the washing machine to wring out things repeats, it will require an in-depth diagnosis of SMA.

There is an imbalance inside the drum.

The automatic machine will not start spinning if an imbalance detects in the system. For example, non-compliance with the recommendations on the permissible loading weight of the SMA and the clumping of things can provoke an unbalance of the drum. The control module, noticing such a failure, stops the washing machine.

This problem occurs more often on Haier washing machines released more than five years ago. Modern machines have special sensors that monitor the situation and prevent imbalance. And if the problem is fixed already, the corresponding error code is displayed on display.

An imbalance appears on Heyer automatic machines as follows:

  • After finishing rinsing things, the washer spins the drum,
  • A strong hum and tapping accompany each attempt to achieve the desired speed,
  • The device starts to vibrate and jump,
  • Spin cancelled,
  • The washing machine drains the water,
  • The cycle ends 10-15 minutes earlier,
  • The laundry in the drum remains wet.

Dealing with imbalance is easy. If it arises due to an overload of the machine, open the hatch, remove some things, and start the cycle again. For example, throw more clothes into the washer when there is too little laundry.

Often the imbalance occurs due to the clumping of things in the drum. In this situation, you need to open the hatch and evenly spread the clothes in the machine. After that, you can start washing again.

While the intellect fixes the imbalance and stops the cycle, the machine will have time to torment for a certain time. Jumping and hitting the drum against the tank's walls is not useful for CMA. In such a situation, shock absorbers, bearings, and shafts deteriorate. Therefore, it is important to take measures to prevent imbalance, in particular, to comply with loading norms and prevent things from clumping.

The motor is not working well.

The Haier machine will not start spinning even if there are problems with the motor. For example, a faulty engine cannot spin the washer drum to the desired speed. And if the engine does not accelerate to a given speed, things will remain wet.

To check the Haier CMA motor, you must:

  • De-energize the machine,
  • Disconnect the washer from the water supply and sewerage,
  • Remove the rear wall of the case by unscrewing the bolts holding it,
  • Remove the drive belt from the pulley,
  • Disconnect all contacts from the motor,
  • Remove the screws securing the engine,
  • Swing the engine to the sides and pulling it out of the machine.

Next, inspect the motor for damage. Usually, a breakdown is noticeable immediately - the smell of burning from the engine felt, and dark spots are visible. Insulation failure may also occur. Often the problem is worn-out electric brushes - must change graphite rods.

If visually the engine looks normal, check the part with a multimeter. Resistance less than the norm will tell about a short circuit, more - about a break in the stator or rotor winding. In this case, we cannot repair the motor. Instead, you will have to buy and install a new engine.