Gorenje washing machine won't turn on

Gorenje washing machine won't turn on

When the Gorenje washing machine does not turn on, situations are exceptional cases, but no one is safe from them. At the same time, the operation of the home appliance did not limit by anything externally: electricity and water supply are connected, the tank hatch is tightly closed, but the control panel does not light up, and the equipment itself does not react in any way to attempts to start it up. So what to do in such a situation - call the master or try to diagnose yourself? Better to start with the latter.

Determine the range of possible problems.

It is easy to guess that the failure to receive a response from the instrument panel is due to the lack of current in the washing machine. After all, if the indicator lights are off, the machine does not make characteristic sounds, then the source of the problem, first of all, should be sought among its electrical and electronic components. However, it is still necessary to check the presence of light in the room - if the chandeliers and other household appliances are working properly, you can proceed to inspect the washer.

Diagnosis should begin with a check:

  • serviceability of the outlet and the presence of current in it,
  • The presence of damage on the power cord,
  • correct plug.
  • The next step is to look for less noticeable causes:
  • Knocked out the mains noise suppression filter,
  • The start button on the electronic panel is jammed or burnt out,
  • The control board of the household appliance has failed.


All these phenomena indicate the absence of electricity in the washing machine. Therefore, it is necessary to act in such a situation in stages, inspecting all the key components of the Gorenye washing machine until the reason why it stopped working is identified. The first is an assessment of the state of electrical communications, then an inspection of the internal components of a household appliance, and finally, a diagnosis of the state of the control panel.

Power communications

Based on practice, the most common reason for the failure of Gorenje washing equipment to work is the lack of electricity outside the unit, that is, in the electrical network itself. Therefore, the first thing to check is the machine's condition on the shield. When inspecting the meter, you need to pay attention to the position of all the toggle switches and the integrity of the plugs: perhaps a power surge or overload from a variety of turned-on devices knocked out one of the fuses. Then all that is needed for repair is to replace the plug or turn on the machine, additionally adjusting the load on the electrical networks.

The second step is to evaluate the outlet. If traces of melting are visible, there is smoke. There is a smell of burning, etc., and a short circuit has occurred, which can cause a fire. It is forbidden to repair such damage on your own. All that needs to be done is to turn off the electricity supply to the room using the shield and call the appropriate specialist.

Plug, power cord and FPS.

Breakdowns inside household appliances are most often caused by malfunctions of the power cord, its plug or network noise suppression filter (FSP). In the Gorenje washing machine, these three elements are one standard part. Therefore, their inspection is carried out as a complex.

The verification algorithm is as follows:

  • Turn off the supply of electricity and water, including the drain,
  • Push the washer to the center of the room to gain access to the back wall,
  • Remove the top cover fasteners and remove the element,
  • Set the location of the capacitor (lower left corner),
  • Loosen the fastener holding the cord,
  • Pull out the FSP along with the wire and plug.


Now you need to inspect each element. The plug must not show signs of melting or dark spots indicating a possible fire. To diagnose the wire, you will need a multimeter: it will indicate a possible current leakage. If this situation is confirmed, the cord needs to replace. Local repair in the form of processing the wire with electrical tape is strictly prohibited, as this can lead to a repeated break followed by a short circuit and, most dangerously, a fire.


Without a multimeter, you must contact the master or purchase the device yourself. Before using it, you should read the instruction manual and test for the correctness of the readings: if the resistance mode is correctly set, "0" lights up on the screen when the probes are closed.

The diagnostics are completed by checking the filter's performance, which requires a multimeter. If "0" or "1" is displayed on the dial, the part must be repaired or replaced.

Start/Pause key

If, during the previous check, you detected no breakdowns. You need to proceed to inspect the control panel. So, the Gorenje washing machine may not turn on if its start button jammed: this leads to a de-energization of the entire household appliance. In modern models, such a malfunction is rare since the manufacturer took into account the disadvantage, but in the washing machines of past years, such a phenomenon was common.


The verification algorithm includes:

  • Removing the powder tray,
  • Removal of fasteners around the perimeter of the control panel,
  • Separating the panel from the case.

Now, using a multimeter, you need to check the health of the start button by switching it to operating mode. If this diagnostic also shows that there is no damage, it should ring absolutely all keys. Couldn't find the damage yourself? So you need to seek help from a specialist.